Five Mistakes Of Life



Books are written world wide by great writers. Some are educational while some are fictional. Every book is written keeping in the mind that it reaches Its audience. Books has their selected audience to address. The audience of this book is everybody that is looking for a combination of a educational yet fictional style of writing. I have written this book with all the mistakes that I have encountered in my life. There are some chapters in the book that I have witnessed in my life. This book covers the whole life of a human in the form of mistakes. Every individual does these mistakes. We do not do them on purpose, but we still do them even after knowing that they are mistakes.



The five mistakes that keeps everybody’s life at stakes. The mistakes are listed with the correct reason as to know why they are mistakes? First is the education. Through out the world the education system is damaged. With the language that is unknown why it exists? We all read and write still many of us are unemployed. Likewise, In India if a man is educated he knows English. While a man in New York who is uneducated still knows English. No bar for education world wide. Making it the first mistake. Now the second, is the love. We all fall in love once in our lives. We can not sustain that love for a longer time. Young love is the worst. When teens take worst decisions of their lives? Making it the second mistake. Getting onto the third, is the marriage. We all commit this crime in our live. God knows why we marry and why we come together? When we cannot understand each other? Still get separated afterwards when we die? Moving on the Fourth, is the sex. We think sex is for fun but it can twist the sides of the coin we call life. Last but not the least is the beast, presenting the fifth mistake i.e old age. We all fall for this gimmick. We pass time thinking, we can fill the void of age with efforts and hard work. In the end we all die leaving every thing here. If the synopsis got you interested in the book, do read It. God knows why we commit all these mistakes?

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