• Sat. Sep 18th, 2021


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Agony for justice

Agony For Justice

Agony For Justice is our latest poem for the lovers of poem. Keeping in mind that the things are a verge on a change. As the polity that is going on around the world is also changing day by day. We need justice and a savior to serve justice to all. This poem is specially […]

Education In India

Education Standards in India and what we need

Education in India is our latest thesis. That will be encircling the questions about the education standards in India. Education in India is what the British left with and gave us. The current Education system is a mix of the old and new education system in India. This Thesis is all about the vision encircling […]

black hole thesis

A relative theory on Black Holes

We see time has been distributed in the planet earth. According to the movement of the light that we get from the sun. With out that we can not make sure how to induce time in our daily lives. We all know that time has a major impact on how the black holes work. Black […]

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