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Mood Swings And Depression

Memories, A Role Player In Mood Swings And Depression

Mood swings and depression is the latest article. Specially crafted for the survivors of depression and Mood Swings. This is a specially articulated article for the people who go through depression. Memories are all that play an important role in depression. There are two type of memories that brain has. Some are good and some […]

Technology driven society

Reaping The Fruits Of Technology Driven Society, An Era Of AI

Technology driven society is the latest article. Specially curated for the kids to know. How Artificial Intelligence can change the future. The last generation has made it possible to culminate a man made intelligence that can be progressive. The new generation of Engineers and scientist are seeing a change in the mode of working. As […]

Parabola of the Market

Parabola Of The Market, The 2008 Recession And Covid19

Parabola Of The Market is our latest polity article on the great economic recession of 2008. It also reflects the current economic conditions post Covid-19 pandemic. As a matter of fact the article will conclude how the economies went down in Covid-19. During the economic recession the market crashed and the money flow was little […]

Ways of Earning Money

Ways Of Earning Money And Starting To Save It, For Kids

Ways of earning money is our latest article. It consist of a simple yet achievable goals for kids. Kids who are less privileged and and need monetary help. In order to survive the challenges of life kids must know how to earn money and save it for optimum use. Ways Of Earning Money Everybody is […]

Investment Banking

Investment Banking A Guide For Beginners For Trading

Investment Banking is a specialized form of keeping your money safe. It also provides an increase in the funds over a period of time. This format has been in use for a longer period of time. It has proven results of cultivating the monetary funds and reaping the fruits. The logical people invest a little […]

Modern Warfare

Modern Warfare: A War Of Political Ideologies

Modern Warfare is the latest flick. Specially crafted for the lovers of political scenarios. A war inside a nation and rise of a political hero. This flick is all about how political parties play the game called politics. A game that changes the scenarios where one wins the hearts of the public. So without further […]

Cyber Security And Anti-theft

A Range Of Cellphones And Laptops With Advance Cyber Security

Cyber Security and Anti-Theft system are all the world need right now. The new generation wants a new range of cellphones and laptops. That can deliver the maximum of Cyber Security. Nowadays Cellphones and Laptops have become vulnerable when it comes to cyber security. Cyber Security And Anti-Theft A way of developing a firewall for […]

Eco-Friendly Propellant

In Search Of The Eco-Friendly Propellant For Air Crafts

Eco-Friendly propellant is the new generation evolved fuel engine for the air crafts. We all know the properties of a propeller. It is a fuel mechanism that is required to move the aircraft in any direction. Old age propellers had a lot of disadvantages like burning of fuels and emitting CFC’s. The debris in the […]

India's Global Trade System

India’s Global Trade System, After Make In India

India’s global trade system is one of the oldest trade centers in the world. It has seen prominent changes in past few years. Since the Make In India was launched, it has seen significant growth. According to the ministry of e-commerce and industry. In the period of April 2021 and August 2021 India has seen […]

Forex Trading

Forex Trading A Whole New Concept Of Monetary Exchange

Forex trading is a platform for exchanging currencies globally. It is a market place for determining foreign exchange rates for every currency. It has a systematic work flow of buying, selling, and exchange of currencies at current or determined rates. This exchange of money has become popular now a days. The cards can be used […]


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