China And Taiwan: Mistakes that are keeping two countries at stakes

China And Taiwan are two equally capable and controversial countries on the verge of war. China with its powerful military equipment and ammunition is doing military drills around the border of Taiwan and testing the missile equipment and trooping the airspace of Taiwan on the one hand and on the other the heinous cyber attacks on Taiwan government websites. Preparing the grounds for one more disastrous yet dubious happening of the year 2022. On one hand, China doesn’t consider Taiwan as an independent state whereas Taiwan is putting allegations against China for its game plan for invading Taiwan. China has warned the Taiwan government to peacefully reunify or be ready for the deadly invasion. Welcome my dear readers to a two-minute flick of news.

China and Taiwan

War on a verge

Just a few days back everything was working as a bright sunny day in the east of the globe when all of a sudden the heat rose between China and Taiwan. The reason for the increase in the heat was the visit of Nancy Pelosi a high official of the USA to Taiwan. The latter became a concern when the Chinese president retaliated to this visit with verbal allegations against the USA to be out of China and Taiwan relations and should respect the “One China Policy”.

Where Taiwan greeted Nancy Pelosi with the utmost and humble welcome. Making China angry as Taiwan’s foreign minister said, “Taiwan welcomes America’s solidarity with the 23 million people of Taiwan as it is of the utmost importance when the world has to face the choice between autocracy and democracy.

Along with that, the Chinese communist party warned Taiwan, “Any attempt to seek independence could lead to heavy destruction of Taiwan by Chinese forces. This issue arose as Taiwan seeks itself as an independent nation with a government, constitution, and military but China still forces itself on Taiwan, and soon after this China started military drills around Taiwan’s borders. Where China crossed the line of control and trooped inside the area of Taiwan soon after the visit of Nancy Pelosi.

Further, Taiwan retaliated and sent aircraft to show its anger. Soon after this, the Chinese president said, “They want a peaceful reunification with Taiwan”. This is not the first time that the Chinese president said this but in the year 2019, he gave similar statements.

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The Historical Dispute

The first people to settle down in Taiwan were the people from southern China known as Austronesi tribal people. The island was witnessed to be a part of China from the very beginning of AD 239. At that time the Chinese emperor sent troops to explore that area and this context is often used by Xi Jinping to claim Taiwan as a part of China. Moving further from the year 1624 to 1661 Taiwan was a dutch colony. Later in the year 1683 to 1695, China’s Qing dynasty ruled it. During this time many migrators came to Taiwan from China and for a fact, these people were Oklo Chinese who are the descendants of the current larger demographic group in Taiwan. In 1895 during the Sino-Japanese war, Japan won the war and Taiwan became its territory. In the year 1912 Qing dynasty was overthrown and a party rule was implemented after the Xinhai revolution in China, soon the Republic Of China was established in China. Till that time Japan had control over Taiwan.

When Japan lost World War 2 Japan was made to leave the Taiwan territory and its Allies got control over it. As a matter of fact, China was a part of the Allies and after World War 2 China got control over Taiwan. In 1947 a huge massacre was done to stop the anti-government protests in Taiwan and as a result, more than 18,000 civilians were killed which could be compared to the Jallianwala Bagh Massacre in India. This incident is also known as the 2-2-8 incident which is a significant day in the history of Taiwan. In the Next 2 years, there was a civil war in China which led to the migration of that time’s leader and its supporters. Chiang-Kia-Shek was made to leave China after Mao Zedong’s communist party overthrew the KMT. Chiang Kai-shek’s party Kuomintang (KMT) and their supporters who were around 1.5 million people fled to Taiwan in the year 1949.

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Then the KMT and its supporters re-established Taiwan with a new government which was called the “Government In Exile”. This government ruled for 25 years and after that, his son Chiang-Ching-Kuo ruled over Taiwan. Now for a fact, KMT ruled over the whole of China till Mao Zedong came into power. Till that point in time, they ruled over the whole China. They sought the whole of China as theirs and wanted to reclaim China again. Now coming to the real issue during the cold war in the 1960s till1970s the war was between USA and USSR as we all know USSR is a communist country and after Mao’s overtaking, the USA was against it but the United Nations sought Taiwan as the real China. In the year 1971 after looking at the matter that the ROC of Taiwan was just a small country representing mainland China the United Nations switched its decision and gave recognition to Mao Zedong’s communist government in China.

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In the year 1976 when Mao Zedong died and the next ruler Deng Xiaoping in the year 1978 expanded its economic reforms seeking this fact the USA gave recognition and made ties with China in the year 1979. Taking everything into account many countries gave recognition to China and Taiwan as China’s territory and now only 15 countries think Taiwan is a separate country whereas rest of the world consider it as China’s part. Due to Mao Zedong’s communist approach, China became a country governed by dictators whereas Taiwan after the death of Chiang-Ching-Kou. Taiwan became a symbol of democracy in 1988. President Lee-Teng-Hui came out with a lot of democratic policies and for that, he is also known as the father of democracy in Taiwan. Soon Taiwan became a democracy in the year 2000. China said that they should adopt one country two systems for China and Taiwan which would consider Taiwan as a part of China but an independent part but Taiwan rejected it and this made the solid grounds for the dispute between China and Taiwan.

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