A Gift From My Father: A Journey: The New Path

A Journey: The new path is the thirteenth chapter of the Flick “A Gift From My Father”. Starting the story with…Atul was at the temple where he first witnessed that all he had been taught was not his choice. But what his grandfather and the monk taught him. He then finally understood the need of finding that peasant as that peasant was just a new beginning in his life where he has to survive not as a monk or an ordinary man but to set a new path for the people where one must find his destiny not by earning the money but by focusing on the destiny. There are different endpoints for people where their lives end but there is one similarity in every individual that everyone dies not by choice but by fate or destiny. Atul compiled all the lessons that his grandfather and the monk taught him and started to live life by those rules. The destiny he was on, could end anytime. The same is with every individual we do not know how soon or later destiny will take that man away from this world. This is the first lesson he writes in his copy that the call can come anytime from the abode of the lord.

A Journey: The New Path

He then was about to take the leave but the same lady came and told him that it was Ram Navami. On the day when Lord Rama was born and they are hosting Bajans and Kirtan in the name of Lord Rama. He said I have to leave I am in search of a peasant who I have to find and return the money that I took from him after fooling him. The lady said it is too late to go out as he might encounter an animal. He said thank you for letting me stay over here I will have a seat in the corner. The lady said do not just sit but celebrate Ram Navami with us your prayers might reach to the ears of Lord Rama.

We all know ears are a fantastic gift to humans by nature. They do more than expected to listen to things that are not meant for us. This is called overhearing we all know overhearing is a bad habit but what can we do humans are made like this we overdo everything without thinking of the results.

A Journey: The New Path
The New Path

In Atul’s case, he was sitting in the corner and was listening to the bhajans when he overheard two people saying that there was a boy who conned a peasant with some water in the name of magical water that will lessen the anxiety. Atul went closer to those men and asked do you know that man who was conned by that boy. One of them said we do not know that man but the whole village knows about this truth.

He said can you guide me in the direction that man went. The man said I overheard some men talking about that peasant and how that boy conned him. Atul said do you know any man who knows the peasant. The man said that the peasant was rich and he has gone in the search of that boy.

Here we are in a situation where both Atul and the peasant are in search of each other what a fate Atul has that the man he is searching for is in a search of him. Similarly, we go through a lot of things in search of happiness but happiness is just a step back behind us. We never know our potential until we go behind it and the real potential is how to live life not by earning but by learning. Money will not give you happiness but the lessons life gives us if taken seriously can make you smile all the way while on your journey. Here in Atul’s case, he is finding that peasant and the peasant is behind him. Now from here, the story will take new twists making you go bonkers.

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