A Gift From My Father: A Journey: The Gamble

A Journey: The Gamble is the story of our Atul who initiated his life in the search of the peasant. He starts his journey from the village and meets many people on his way to become the preacher of his new religion. He compiles all the lessons he has got till now and starts a new life from scratch. Where he is unknown to the outer world as he lived in the temple for the maximum period of his life making him vulnerable to the outer surroundings. This chapter will include how he got lessons from the world and the harsh truth that life is not an easy task to go through. Also that at every corner there are lessons that every human has to take.

A Journey: The Gamble

Life is a gamble. We all do work thinking we might get something in return. But sometimes in spite of reaping the fruits, we get nothing. Atul was in search of the peasant when he encountered a few men sitting outside a lawn and asked them about the peasant. One of them said there are a lot of peasants in this village. Which one do you want to meet? He said I do not know the name but I will recognize him once I see him. He said then come with me but for that, you have to lift this burden to my house. Only then i will tell you about the peasant. Atul and the villagers agreed and started to walk towards the first peasant. Atul after reaching the house called for the peasant. The peasant came and Atul didn’t recognize him and went on to the second peasant. And similarly checked a few more peasants which didn’t match.

Upon arriving home the man said I have reached my home from here you can check other peasant houses. Atul said this was not our agreement. You have to take me to every peasant’s house as you said. He said I will not be going anywhere as I have reached my home and you can go. It was about for the sun to set and Atul had roamed half the village. The man said if you want you can stay here for tonight but tomorrow morning you will have to leave. He said no I will manage it on my own. Here Atul left the man behind in the search of the peasant.

A Journey: The Gamble
A Journey

We all do a lot of things in our lives that are just gambles. These unplanned things make our journey tough. We think that we have done enough to get a better outcome. But on the other side, it is just the start. Life gives lessons in so many ways that we most of the time forget.

Here Atul was in a village where the sun was about to set. This sun gave him a lesson that everybody goes up and down in their lives. Every person has ups and downs in their so-called life. But that is not the lesson we are looking for in this chapter. Life prevails better after setting down for rising up again.

Atul was in the middle of a village where he didn’t have any food or a roof over his head. When the moon started to rise up in the sky. He saw the moon and thought what a wonder moon is as it is the true rescuer. People who do not have a roof over their heads have the moon to keep a check at night. Similarly in the morning sun is there and this circle of sun and moon in a combination is nurturing the planet earth. Similarly, our karma is a combination of right and wrong. When one goes up the other one goes down and vice-versa. This cycle is called life.

He settled near a temple and ignited a fire and sat in its warmth. Thinking a single wrong deed ruined his life. But when he saw the moon again he thought that his Sun would rise again not by going back to the temple but by simply collecting the knowledge. He will get from the world from this point onwards. Then after a few minutes, a lady from the temple came and offered him Prasadam and he took it as his grandfather taught him to take the Prasadam. He asked the lady which deity was worshipped in this temple. The lady said lord Rama and he got a glimpse of the old memory with his grandfather. He had forgotten when he was with the monks in the big temple. From this point onwards he wrote a book all based on the knowledge he got from his early days till now.

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