A Gift From My Father: The Second Step: The Search

The Second Step: The Search is the eleventh chapter of the Flick “A Gift From My Father”. Starting the story, this is the day when Atul started his journey in search of the peasant. Also, a remarkable journey of how a boy learned from his mistakes and became a preacher of his own new religion. We all learn from our mistakes. We should take lessons on why not to do so.

In the search of the peasant, Atul started his journey. While leaving, the head monk said never to return before giving the money back to the peasant. Here if Atul was a normal kid like us all. He would have gone to the market and would have safely hidden the money. But Atul did what nobody could do. He went in the search of the peasant who gave money to him.

The Second Step: The Search

Also, he made a promise to his teacher that he will return the money. He started the search that he would find the peasant at any cost. He left the vicinity of the temple and started his journey. He went to the same marketplace where he met the peasant and waited for him there but he couldn’t find the peasant. It was almost the night but he stood there in the wait for the peasant.

The Second Step: The Search
A Monk

Then came a man near to him offering him some food. The man said, “if you seem to be lost do you need some help”. He said, “no sir I am looking for a man”. The man said, “then why are you waiting here go in the search for him as this market has a lot of new people every day. He might be one of them you should not wait for him here”. He also asked, “do you know his name or address”. Atul said, “no sir I just remember his face and I will wait for here. The man said, “you are a stubborn boy but you should come in the morning for him if he comes”. Atul said, “no sir I will wait for him here”. The man said, “if you want you can stay at my place and find him in the morning”. He said, “thank you sir but I cannot come”. After this, the man went away.

He was standing out in the market. One by one everybody was packing and going to their home. Atul abides by what his teacher said and waited there. After 2 hours everybody had left and he was alone in the market. The night is a great teacher when you are alone. Atul didn’t have any food and was starving he was standing nearby a tree. When a fruit from the tree fell near his foot. He took it and was about to eat and there came his teacher who sent him in the search of the peasant.

The monk said, “why didn’t you return to the temple. I was waiting for you to return. He said, “I didn’t find the peasant and you said do not come back if you didn’t find the peasant”. “Son at that time I was angry and you made a mistake. I am happy that you stood here for that peasant but I will teach you one last lesson before I go back, I came here to see if you are alright. Make two rules in life, one, do not look back in life, and second never break the first rule. You have to start your journey from here and end it when you find the peasant. Till then you are on a mission. I am going back to the temple and you will only come back to the temple when you will find the truth behind your mistake. After saying this the monk went back and Atul was left alone in the marketplace.

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