A Gift From My Father: The Second Step: The Little Steps

The Second Step: The Little Steps is the tenth chapter of the story “A Gift From My Father”. So, further, starting the story. Atul and his friends were in the temple and they were assembled to start new chapters in their life by the first little steps out of the temple. Atul and his friend were assigned some jobs. They were supposed to go out of the temple for the first time. To do some work that was assigned to them. They had to go to a nearby village and get food after selling their talent.

Everybody was out on the way. Atul stood there and thought about what he could do and he found a solution. He diverged the way and went into the forest while he was near a lake. He took out a bottle from his bag and filled it with water. Then he joined the group again. After reaching the village, he opened his bag took out his bottle, and started to shout. Water-free with the bottle. Nobody came and he then shouted that the bottle was free of water and nobody came. Then he thought, why not make it tricky he started to shout healing water for sale.

The Second Step: The Little Steps

At first, nobody came. Then a man came and asked what he was selling. He said it is magical water and it heals the anxiety of people. He said to give it to me, he said two coins another man standing near heard and said I will give you four coins and then a lot of men came there and one rich peasant bought that water bottle for hundred coins.

After reaching the temple the teacher asked about their experiences. Everybody said something or the other while Atul said that people do anything when they are in need. He said, “I sold a bottle of water for a hundred coins and a peasant took it because he was in a problem as he had to sell a lot of things and I said that this water is for anxiety and he bought it.

The Second Step: The Little Steps
Magic Water

After listening to what Atul said to the monk. The monk got very upset. He said why did you do that. The monk punished him for what he did. He also said that if you were not getting any idea of making the money. You should have come back to the temple. The monk asked him for a promise that he will have to abide by till he dies. The promise was never to lie to himself. If his will agrees with the work then do it. Otherwise do not make money by fooling the people. We all make money even the sages also make money. Money is the only materialistic thing why we lie to others and mostly ourselves. One simple rule or we can say promise that “we will not lie to ourselves”. This can change the life of a person. After Atul was done with his punishment the monk called him. He asked him to go to the peasant and return his money. He also said that this money is not hard-earned. It is earned by fooling people and the money that is earned by fooling people doesn’t fully fill the needs. It comes and goes like it is earned.

After saying this the monk said do not come back till you give this money to the peasant. And if you don’t find him never come back. Atul tried to calm down the monk but the monk didn’t hear him and said talk to me when you return. Now go and find that peasant and return his money. Atul leaves for the nearby village and started to search for the peasant. The day was about to end and the sun was setting down but Atul didn’t find the peasant. We all know where life will take Atul from this point onwards.

Education is the first step toward life. If we have to be successful in life education is the only thing that makes us prepared for it. But today education is only for earning certificates and jobs. Life is a lot bigger than just a job. It’s about managing life from the ups and downs of time.

Time management is what should be taught in schools. We see a lot of people chasing the lost time and finally ending up nowhere but in the grave with a lot of regrets.

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