A Gift From My Father: The Second Step: A Pit

The Second Step: A Pit is the ninth chapter of the story and starts the further story. We all have a pit secured for us when we die in the end. But there are a lot of pits in our life that have to be filled simultaneously. Life is not easy when it comes to memories. Memories play a crucial role in everybody’s lives. These memories are the pits that have to be covered when time passes.

The Second Step: A Pit

Atul one day was sitting on the lawn crying. Kids passed by him but nobody noticed him crying. Then one old monk came to him and asked him, “son what are you doing here? why are you not playing with other kids”? Atul wiped his tears and said, “sir I was crying because I was missing my family. The memories came and I started to miss them more”.

To this, the monk said, “son we all have memories of our loved ones but we should not let them dishearten us. Do one thing take a paper and a pen and write the names of all the people you miss like your father, mother and grandfather. Keep them in a box and bury that box deep down in the jungle and wait for the time to pass by as memories fade away as time passes by”.

Atul said, “then what to do”. “Then go there again and try to find that box and read that list again it will be missing your new loved ones like your wife and kids. Then again make a list of your new loved ones and bury that box again. And again after a few years get the box and you will see that it will be missing your grandkids”.

The Second Step: A Pit
A Pit

Son we all have our loved ones we miss them but we do not change the path of our journey just because we love them. People in our lives come and go we make memories with them to cherish the relationship not to hold us back.

The Resistance

Things happen for a reason. Life is like a river if we try to go in the flow we might reach somewhere but when we try to resist the flow we show resistance and this resistance could lead us nowhere but in the middle of the river.

Atul was once playing with his friends. He saw a bird flying and behind that bird was a hawk he stopped playing and started to see how the tiny bird was saving herself from the hawk. He took out his catapult and shot the small bird and it came directly into its arms.

He took the small bird inside and showed it to his teacher. His teacher asked, “why did he shoot the bird why not the hawk”. To this, Atul said, “the hawk was big and the stone would not have harmed him. And if I would have shot him he would have shown resistance when I would have caught him. And also he would have been a danger to me. But why did you shoot the small bird asked the teacher again. He said, “the small bird was an easy target for me. As it was flying low and near to me and I thought in my mind that when I will catch the bird. It will not show any resistance towards me while giving aid to him and the bird will be saved from the death by the hawk”.

The Second Step: A Pit
A Hawk

Why do you think so asked the teacher and he replied, “death is the hawk behind all of us and we are that small bird? We all have to stay ahead of death no matter what. The flow of air or in other words is the life that can save us from death. As in the flow, we go faster but while resisting we might get caught by the death. To this answer, the teacher praised him and said, “son you are a wonderful kid. Go give the bird aid and then free it when the hawk is gone”.

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