A Gift From My Father: The Second Step: The Luminous Life

The Second Step: The Luminous Life is the eighth chapter of the flick “AGift From My Father”. Starting the story with, we all have a bright future if we work hard. This is a real fact, we all know but there is one more fact that we do not consider. The more successful life is, the more it is hard to leave. In other words, the more luminous the life is the harder it is to leave life or die. We all know love is a feeling and we all love our family and the things that we have earned that is why the earth is a materialistic place to be in. This materialistic world is the shiny diamond that ends with us when we die.

The Luminous Life

Atul was once sitting in the class all by himself and all the kids were out playing. One of the monks came by and asked him, “why is he not playing with the kids”. He said, “I was thinking if I work hard I have to die one day leaving all the materialistic things here. All the relationships and earnings. So why do all these people work so hard to sustain themselves in life”?

The monk asked him to follow him and come to his room. He then entered his room and it was all filled with lights and lamps. To this, Atul asked, “why there are so many lamps”. The monk told him to sit down and listen. While he was sitting, the monk said, “son all these lamps are my life goals every goal has a lamp, and the moment the goal is finished. I turn the lamp off and work on other goals”.

The Second Step: The Luminous Life
The Luminous Life

Life is like these lamps everybody has a shiny life but we do not see the dark side under the lamp that is the hard work we all do that is not visible to the rest of the people. This world is a place for working hard as every act counts as the earth is meant to work and vanish.

The Game

The game is again, as we all know is life and we are its pawns. Life is a game of football. Goals at both ends. One is the birth and the other is death. In other words, we are running in between the two goalposts of life. We all have goals as life without goals is like a truck without a driver. These goals make us work hard in life.

Atul was playing out on the lawn with other kids. They were playing football when a boy cheated and Atul went to him and started to fight. In the middle of all of this, a monk came by and stopped both boys from fighting with each other. He asked them why are they fighting the other boy said Atul started to fight. The monk asked Atul, “why did he do that? He said, “he cheated and fouled me when I was striking the goal. To this, the monk said to the other boy to go play and asked Atul to follow him.

The Second Step:The Luminous Life

He took him to a cliff and said, “what do you see”? Atul, “said I can see the ditch down and mountains on the other side”. He asked him, “what does he see on the other mountain”. He said, “a village”. Then the monk said, “if you want to go there what will you do”. He said, “I will go down the ditch and climb the mountain to reach there”. He said, “when you have a straight way to the mountain why will you go down the ditch and then climb again”. He said, “this is the practical way”. To this, the monk said, “son when you know that your goal is clear. You need not necessarily, let others distract you from your goal. You were playing with the boy. He cheated but why were you there”. Atul said, “to play football”.

Similarly, when you were there to play then you should have played. Like in the case of ditch and mountain we can’t change anybody except us as we have a vision of our goal. There is a straightway to the village but you have to go down the ditch isn’t that cheating. He said, “yes sir”. The monk said, “then go and play and do not forget your goal”.

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