A Gift From My Father: The Second Step: The First Strike

The Second Step: The Strike is the seventh chapter of the story “A Gift From My Father”.The kid grew up among a group of monks. He learned all the things that made him a perfect preacher of religion. This journey takes a twist when after learning everything about his religion he goes against his religion and preaches to the whole world that religion is not a set of rules or a book to follow but it tells us about the ways of living life. Atul grew up with the monks and after having sufficient knowledge he started his journey by opposing religion and its way of preaching to people.
Starting the seventh part of the story.

The Second Step: The First Strike

The Second Step: The First Strike
The First Strike

The kids are curious, they always question the simplest things that are being taught to them. Atul after living for a few days at this shrine with monks was going smoothly except that he was a tough kid to explain to. One day one of the monks was teaching the kids. The question was, “what is life” to this everybody gave their answers. But Atul said, “life is a lie as we do not know what is before it and after it”. The monk teaching them told him that, “he is incorrect as life is a beautiful truth you can live it to the fullest”. But Atul was a sturdy boy he opposed the monk and this was the first strike where he questioned the laws of the shrine and what is being taught there.

Kids get the impression quickly they have to be taught in such a way that they do learn not by following the others but by learning from their own mistakes. Atul had the first strike and for that strike, he was punished to clean the whole temple on his own. We all know religion is all about following what is being taught by the teachers. But few of them question the existence of God and religion.

We all follow religion as sacred teaching. A few of us try to go beyond those teachings and free ourselves from the foundation of believing in just one. As every religion should be taught in schools and then let the students follow the religion they like as every religion preaches to us the ways to live life. This way of living is not even taught in the current education system. The education system can be changed by introducing new books but religion can not be changed once given to the kid. Every kid must be taught about all the religions and then choose.

The Changing Pattern

We must know, to crack anything we must know the patterns. All of us have the same pattern of living. We all study to get jobs and work to earn a livelihood. There are patterns in the surroundings. Every living creature has its own pattern of living. let’s take for example humans, we all work hard in our lives.

The Second Step: The First Strike
The Changing Pattern

Atul is at the stage of life where he either has to follow the pattern of the world or make a path of his own. Atul while living with the monks learned the ways of living as the monks taught him what their religion means. Atul was once standing out on the lawn as a punishment. When one of the monks asked him, “why was he standing on the lawn”? He said, “I have been punished”. The monk said, “why are you being punished”? He said, “I asked the wrong questions in the class”. The monks said, “come with me I will talk to your teacher”. They both go inside the class to talk to the teacher but Atul said, “sir I have a question that I asked the teacher and I am asking it to you also”. The monk said, “ask what you desire to ask”. He said, “the teacher said everything has to end one day so I asked the question if everything has to end one day when is the world going to end”? After listening to this the monk laughed at the kid and said, “son this question of yours is as easy as you can think. Tell me when you are going to leave the temple”? He said, “when I will be educated enough”. “What will happen to the temple when you leave” asked the monk. He said, “I don’t know”. “Here is the answer to your question the moment you leave the temple. It will no longer be there for you. Similarly, when you leave earth and your mortal body and the world will get destroyed that day onwards as you are not there to cherish its beauty. After saying this the monk left and Atul went inside the class.

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