A Gift From My Father: Faith And Belief: The Visit

Faith and Belief: The Visit, is the final part of the chapter “Faith and Belief” of the story “A Gift From My Father”. Starting the story. We all go on holidays some go to hill stations some go to beaches and a lot of places to travel. Some of us go to sacred places as pilgrims or devotees.

Faith And Belief: The Visit

Atul’s grandfather was planning his visit and he was packing his clothes when Atul came and said, “why are you packing your bags”? He said, “I am going to a shrine”. He asked, “what is a shrine”? To this, his grandfather replied, “that a shrine is a sacred place, people visit for the peace of mind”. He is going to one such place for one week”. Atul asked, “can I come with you”? To this old man said, “son if you want you can come but ask your father”?

He went to his father for permission and his father said to his grandfather that if there is no problem he can go with him. The old man said there is no issue. Just take care of him said his father. They both went to a shrine in the mountains.

Faith And Belief: The Visit
The Shrine

There was a lot of chaos as there were hundreds of people there. They both booked a hotel and were staying there. In the morning they woke up and were ready to start the trek to the shrine. But there was a mishappening when Atul got lost in the middle of the trek. It was a hassle for people when his grandfather was looking for him and Atul crying at the corner.

This is the part of the story where the boy got lost and while he was away he never made it to the house. But to his luck, a monk met him and asked him his address. Atul was so small that he didn’t know his address except in the city he used to live in. The monk took him to a Shrine as a disciple and he stayed there and learned the lessons of life.

Here the first chapter “Faith and Belief” ends to start a new journey for the boy.

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