A Gift From My Father: Faith And Belief: At The Mercy

Faith And Belief: At The Mercy is the fifth chapter of the story “A Gift From My Father”. Before starting the chapter a slight glance on the introduction. We all live our lives to the fullest, yet we forget to show gratitude for the things we get. We all live at the mercy of God and yet we do not thank him for all the things he has given to us. We all are happy and sad at times as it’s the nature of life. Richest people are also sad and poor people are also happy at times. As time does not see if you are rich or poor it gives you lessons in life. Time is all we have in our lives.

Faith And Belief: At The Mercy

Atul was sitting on the stairs all by himself when his grandfather came and asked him, “what happened son”? To this, the young boy replied that he got the second position in his competition. The old man said, “son what is wrong with that”? He said, “but I wanted to come first. I prepared more than anybody for that competition yet I came second”. To this, the old man said, “son, is that why you didn’t have lunch”. He said, “grandfather, I was expecting to come first but I came second”. “Who came first,” asked the old man. He said, “my friend”. Then the old man asked him “aren’t you happy for your friend”. He said, “I practiced more than him”. The old man said, “so you should be happy that you came at least second how many boys were in that competition”? he said “20”. “Then you should be having gratitude that you got a second position”. He said. “but I wanted to come first”. The old man said, “My son like you every boy in that competition wanted to come first. It is all the mercy of God who gives people what they deserve. For him, you deserved to be second and your friend deserved to be first.

Faith And Belief: At The Mercy
At The Mercy Of God

The Old Songs

Whenever we feel less energy we eat food but what about when we are low on spiritual stability. We listen to the divine songs like Bajans and kirtans. These are not just songs but a way to connect to the lord. We offer our love as we enjoy these songs. Some people are so devoted to the god that they feel blessed after listening to these songs.

Atul and his grandfather were out on a walk in the evening. Atul and his grandfather encountered a few people singing songs in the temple. To this Atul asked his grandfather, “why are songs being played in the temple”. To this the old man said, “it’s not a song. People are singing Bajans. Do you want to listen to those bhajans, let’s go inside the temple and listen to some bhajans”. To this Atul said, “ok”. And they went inside the temple. They sat at a corner and they were enjoying the bhajans when Atul got fed up and said, “grandfather, let’s go I am not enjoying the bhajans”. To this, the old man said, “son you are not enjoying the songs because you are not trying to connect with the god. These bhajans are not just songs when heard with the seriousness they mean a lot. Do not worry if you do not as we can go back home”. He said, “yes please”. They both got up and while they were getting up a priest came and offered some Prasadam and asked them to have it. Atul and his grandfather had some and left for home. Atul after leaving the temple asked his grandfather, “why did that priest give him prasad when leaving the temple”. To this, the old man said, “that it is a gesture that nobody leaves the house of God with bare hands.

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