A Gift From My Father: Faith And Belief: The Law

Faith And Belief: The Law is a fourth of the story “A Gift From My Father”. Starting the story with where we left. Atul and his grandfather both were sitting listening to the bhajans in the temple. When Atul asked his grandfather one question, “why are we sitting here and listening to the bhajans”? To this, his grandfather said, “son do you love me”. he said “yes”. His grandfather said, “then answer my two questions. When you come to my house what do you do”? He said, “I stay there for a few days sometimes more than a few days till my holidays”. his grandfather asked another question, “And why do you stay there at my house”. To this, the kid replied, “it is my house as you are my grandfather. Whatever is yours is mine too.

The old man said, “similarly when you come to the temple you stay here and have peace for some time”. The old man continued, “when you come to me what is your favorite thing you do”.Atul said, “I go out to the park with you and play”. The old man said, “God is like our father who is watching us from up above. He is with us every time and when he is with us we have faith that he will not let anything harm us. There are infinite things in the world but some things are common in every religion. These simple laws make us stand together even after having different religions. The first law is that we must have faith in ourselves and the almighty. This one law is being taught in every religion. Now, do you get the law of religion”? To this the kid said, “yes, grandfather”. The old man asked, “what did he learn from this”? The kid says, “we have to have faith in our god as he is with us all the time and he is looking at us every time”. To this, the old man said, “good boy, now we must go home but before going home let’s take some Prasadam for your parents”.

Faith And Belief: The Odor
Lord Ganesha

The Odor

Atul and his grandfather were returning home after their visit to the temple. While coming back they encountered a few men who were sitting and chit-chatting. One of them was speaking loudly about his religion that they do not worship idols and a lot of other things. While Atul was crossing them he listened to a line from the mouth of that man which made him think and question.

He asked his grandfather one question and the question was simple yet unanswerable. The question was, “why are there different religions when there is one god”. His grandfather said, “We often see that when we smell an odor we try to avoid it by closing our noses while walking. The same is with the thoughts when we encounter thoughts that are manipulated we try to get away from them. We see there are a lot of religions in the world. And when we cross these religions we feel thoughts that are against each other. So is with the men of different religions they talk about their religions keeping in mind that other religions are malicious”.

Faith And Belief: The Law
Few Men Talking to Each Other

Atul asked, “Then why that man was saying bad words about our religion”. To this, the old man said, “How many men do you encounter in your whole day”? To this, the boy said, “a hundred”. The old man said, “Then why don’t you remember every man’s face”? He says, “because they do not matter to me”. “There are a lot of thoughts that are like odor you do not think about them. You just ignore them and carry with you what you have”.

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