A Gift From My Father: Faith And Belief: The Indulging Activity

Faith and belief the indulging activity is our third chapter. Starting the story with Atul and his grandfather in the temple they saw a few people sitting on the floor of the temple. Some monks were distributing food amongst them. To this, Atul said, “grandfather why are the monks giving them food”. To this, he said, “they are having Prasadam that is made for the people who come to the temple”. To this Atul said, “can we also eat with them”? His grandfather said, “why not but before that, we have to go inside the temple and pray for what we have. After that, we will go and have Prasadam”.

They prayed for a few minutes and they were headed to the place where the food was being offered. He asked his grandfather a question, “does this happen here often”. To this, his grandfather said, “yes son every day some of the other people do offer food here as they get blessed by Lord Rama”. While having the food Atul was sitting right next to his grandfather a man was putting food on Atul’s plate to which he said, “I do not like this”. Grandfather said sorry he is just a boy keep a little for him. And the man moved. Atul asked his grandfather why he did that. His grandfather said, “never say no to prasad take what they offer.

After eating the Prasadam Atul and his grandfather were washing hands and Atul asked his Grandfather “why do they offer Prasadam”. His grandfather replied, “We often see around us, people going to temples to offer prayers. In other religions, they go to their respective places of worship. We as a part of our religion often see people distributing food and services in the name of god. The question is why do they offer food and services. The common answer is that they do charity for needy people. But the truth is they satisfy their hearts when God gives them enough and the rest they offer charity. Similarly, the offering of food is an activity that indulges people. We have faith in our respective gods that they are prospering us by all we need. To that, we indulge in activities like Langar, Bhandara, etc.

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The Indulging Activity

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Later that day when Atul and his grandfather were having Prasadam. Songs started to play in the temple. To this Atul asked his grandfather, “why are the songs being played. Is there an occasion today”? To this, his grandfather said, “son it is Ram Navami today”. What is that Asked the kid and to this the old man said, “son it is the birthday of our god Rama. “Why do we celebrate ram Navami”, asked the kid and the old man replied that it is an auspicious Hindu festival celebrated throughout India. It is a symbolic day of good winning over evil. He also said this day is important in our religion as it tells about the character of the Hindu god Rama who was a true spirit of good, wisdom, and bravery. We all live but only a few make it into history. Our religion has a distinctive history.

Atul asked his grandfather, “what is religion”. He replied, “We all know humans have a source where they come from. Their brain is a wonder as such things do not match any living being. The source of our heritage is religion. Previously when there was no education we all had something to read and take lessons that were the religion. Religion is all we have to study to become successful.

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This source of knowledge is again religion. As it tells us about how to live life. Religion is not made by gods but the first few humans made the religion so that we could lead a happy and prosperous life. Similarly living life is never induced in the studies but in religion, we learn to live life.

Education can only set barriers but it can not lead us to a happy life. Every god that made to the pages of our history has a symbolic nature just like lord Rama he was a king and a people’s man. He had a distinctive nature of standing against evil”.

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