A Gift From My Father: Faith And Belief: The Favouritism

Faith And Belief: The Favouritism is our second chapter of the series Flick Of The Month. Seldom prayers are a must as mentioned in the previous chapter. Yet we being human, made by the god in his own image do favoritism with the religions and gods. Some say I am a Christian, I will follow Christianity. Others say I am a Hindu I will follow Hinduism. Knowing for a fact every human has the same appearance like two hands and two legs. Similarly, God is one but we have started to follow the different faces of the god. We worship Rama and Jesus as we know they are gods but we do favoritism for a fact. This set of beliefs does not let us have faith in the almighty. The god is one as all humans are one but we have divided ourselves into different religious groups according to the gods.

Faith  And Belief: The Favouritism
Faith And Belief

Faith And Belief: The Favouritism

While Atul and his grandfather were in the temple. His grandfather said, “this is the temple of our deity”. Atul asked, “what do you mean by our deity”? His grandfather said, “our family believes in Rama therefore we only worship Rama”.

He said, “but one of my friends is a Christian he goes to the church”.

His grandfather said that “we all have our deities and gods, and we worship them accordingly”. Atul asked, “why this favoritism”? His grandfather didn’t have the answer to this question and said, “you are young you do not know the values of your family”.

Atul again asked a question to his grandfather about what happens to the people who do not pray. He says one who does not pray goes to hell. As every human has to pray for all the sins he has done.

He asked a question again, “if we pray for our sins then why are people not prospering”. His grandfather replied, “wait for my next visit and I will answer your question then. Will that work for you as I have to tell you one thing”?

The Blind Faith

Faith And Belief: The Favouritism
The Blind Faith

We all have faith in our religions as we think it is the best. As we know it’s valued but what happens when a kid is taught about religion. He asks a lot of questions. Similarly, we do not just tell about every religion but we limit them just to one. We take good and bad of one religion because we have faith in it.

Atul after a couple of months was promoted to a new class in his school. He was waiting for his grandfather to come as promised. His grandfather called one night and was talking to his father while Atul came and said he wanted to talk to his grandfather. He asked one question, “grandfather when are you coming as you promised and you also have to answer my question”. His grandfather said, “I am coming this weekend till then wait for me and I will give you the answer”.

Atul was waiting for his grandfather eagerly and the day came when his grandfather came and he was so happy that he went to the railway station to bring him home with his father.

Atul said, “grandfather are you ready for that question”. To this, his grandfather replied, “wake up at 6 am tomorrow and we will go to that same temple and I will give you the answer to your question”. He said ok and slept and woke up early.

Atul said, “now tell me the answer”. His grandfather said, “when I told you I will tell you the answer to your queries did you believe me or did you have faith in me”.

He said, “I don’t understand”. His grandfather said, “you waited for me till I came. You knew that I have the answer to your queries. You had a blind faith that grandfather will tell you the truth. As I am your grandfather, similarly we worship our gods and goddesses so that they could help us in the right times because we have blind faith in them.

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