A Gift From My Father: Faith Vs Belief: Seldom Prayers

Faith and belief are the two aspects that are intertwined. We humans have come out a long way from the old ages to the 21st century. We Still have some issues that are not resting. Religion is one of those things that we humans are not aware of wholly. A lot of us worship idols and some are worshiping spirits. We sometimes forget that we all are humans. I have two eyes and one nose and one mouth and the other person also has the same characteristics. But we get divided in the name of religion. As we have faith in our god yet we do not believe in the real facts. This young boy does not know anything about religion. Is out on a journey from being a normal kid to a pilgrim. He was destined to change the virtues of society by making a difference between faith and belief.

Faith and Belief: Seldom Prayers
Seldom Prayers

Faith And Belief: Seldom Prayers

One fine evening Atul was waiting for his grandfather to come. He was waiting for him as it was his birthday. His grandfather was coming after a lot of days. He was thinking that his grandfather would take him to an exotic place for his birthday.

He was standing at the gate when his father’s car stopped in front of the gate. His grandfather came inside the house he was so happy as this was his first birthday with his grandfather.

While having dinner at night, at the dining table he asked his grandfather where he would take him for his birthday. His grandfather said tomorrow wake up at 6 am in the morning. I will take you to a place you will like. He said ok and ate dinner and went to sleep.

In the morning his grandfather woke him up and said “Are you ready to go with me. He said “yes, let’s go”, to this his grandfather said, “first get ready and bathe”. He did as said.

His grandfather took him to a temple. He asked, “why are we here”? His grandfather said, “this is the place where I used to come when I was a kid”. After listening to this Atul asked one question to his grandfather why he brought him here. His grandfather asked him what he did when he was hungry? He said he asks for food from his mother. Similarly, when there is an auspicious occasion we come to the temple. We worship gods as seldom prayers are offered to the deities. We are living in a world made by gods for humans. For every good thing, we worship gods showing that we are happy in this world made by him.

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