A Gift From My Father: The First Step

There are a lot of writers with different opinions. These books, we read are their opinions of them. There are writers that write fiction, non-fiction, educational, and many more. This story made me wonder why we adopt a religion that is not even ours. We live life once and in that, half of it is lived by the rules we get from the religions. In my life, I have studied a lot about religions and how we are made to follow them. One thing that fascinates me is that we follow them blindly. We have made a lot of mindsets regarding religion. Even though we know nothing about the truth. In every religion, there is a mortal world and an immortal world. We have come a lot far in the search for god. But here we are, still at the first step.

A Gift From My Father: The First Step
The First Step

A Gift From My Father: The First Step

Religion is the most influential part of human society. We know we have to abide by it as it is not ours. It is given to us as a gift from our father.

When we talk about religion there are many aspects. Aspects like praying and worshipping. We worship our gods and goddesses in order to be happy. We think that our gods are happy with us, for devoting a lot of time and effort. But it is not like that, God does not want us to be a believer. In spite of that, he wants us to have faith that somebody is watching us, doing all the good deeds.

God doesn’t say to eat less or more or in fact fast. He wants us to be happy. This book is all about how we get our religion as a gift but not by choice. We have everything with us when we are born like the things we inherit from our parents.

The same is with religion we also get it as an inherited possession. We all know that some things we cannot change and among them one thing is religion. This story is of a boy and his journey of how he stood up against the appalling nature of society. For he is a believer but he opposes the laws of the society. He dares to make people aware that we can choose our religion. Live the life you want with or without religion.

A Gift From My Father: The First Step is the story of a boy who changed the perception of defining Religion. This is a Series of Flicks. We will be writing a story every month in the category Flick Of The Month. So presenting to you the summary of the story. For more stories like A Gift From My Father: The First Step scroll down.

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