Postman’s Love: Indirect Love

Postman’s Love is the latest work in the segment flicks. This is a story of a young man who loved a girl. He used to send her letters every Sunday. The story is a love triangle where the girl used to love another man. The hero of this story used to write the letters in the name of the man who the girl loved. So without further ado, let’s begin with the story of a man who never got his love but used to send her letters every Sunday.

Postman’s Love

We all love one or the other person in our lives. Some of us get our love but some of us are not lucky enough. In this story, there was a young man whose name was Matt. He was the postman in a village in the countryside. He was once out on his daily routine of delivering the letters. It was evening, he had the last letter to give so he was on his way to the last house.

Postman's Love
Lovers On The Road

The moment he reached there he rang the doorbell. A girl came and asked for the reason for his arrival. He said I am a postman and I had to deliver this letter to Samy. She said I am Samy whose letter is it. He said the name of the person who sent the letter is Rudy. Her eyes opened wide and with a bright smile, she said what is written in the letter. Matt said it is your letter how can I read it. Samy replied I can not read and write. Matt said ok and began to read the letter.

In the letter, it was written that Rudy is no more in the world. For the moment he thought in his mind “if he tells the truth she will not bear the shock and she seemed so pretty that he had a soft corner for the girl”. So started to read the letter the way he wanted to say. After reading the letter the girl was happy and she had a shine in her eyes. This is how our hero met his love. This escapade started from here.

The Eyes Of A Lover

Postman’s Love: After reading the letter Matt went back to his house. After one week Samy came by the post office and asked if Rudy had sent other letters. At first, he wanted to tell her the truth but stopped and said “I have the letter, I will come by your house in the evening, then I will read the letter to you.

Samy agreed and went back to her house. In the evening when Matt came to her house. He started to read the letter and while reading Samy said the way you are reading is mesmerizing it looks like you have the eyes of a lover who have fallen in love. With a broad smile, Matt said you know I also think the same but who will love a postman. She said I would love to be with a postman if Rudy was not there.

Postman's Love

Matt suddenly stopped and thought, what will happen to Samy when she will know Rudy is no more. After that, he took leave, and like this, a lot of the Sundays passed. Matt used to be Rudy for five to ten minutes every Sunday and fell in love with Samy and like this, the story continued but we have a lot of surprising twists and turns for you in the next part of the story. So stay tuned to Sylwritingflicks and for updates visit our Facebook.

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