Battlefield 2022: A Long Journey From Covid-19 To Omicron-22

Battlefield 2022: Corona has stunned us all. It has emerged as a serious concern throughout the globe. Since its inception, there has been a surge in death cases. In this state of emergency, we can’t rely upon vaccines. We must take precautionary measures to enhance our immune system. The immune system is the main target of covid-19. This article is curated to make people aware of the next phase of Covid-19.

Battlefield 2022

Battlefield 2022
Covid-19 and its impact

2022 will see the third phase of covid cases. The new variant of covid witnessed is omicron. So far, no treatment has been successful for this virus. Over the past few days, omicron cases have risen in India and around the world.

The First Phase

In the first phase, there were some horrific cases of Covid-19 patients. The world’s industries and all major sectors came to a halt. Medical-related industries were the only ones to grow. Firstly, the most affected industry was the schools. The children were the most affected during this pandemic. Secondly, the hotels and restaurants were impacted maximum by the Covid-19 first phase.

The Second Phase

After the successful implementation of the vaccines in the second phase. It still hasn’t been treated with success. There is still a rise in cases after people tried all the possible techniques to overcome the disease. The government tried the before used lockdown trick but it couldn’t stop the covid-19 from spreading in India and around the globe.

The Third phase (Omicron)

So far, the countries have seen a lot of mishappenings. A lot of people died because of this corona. A new variant is now being witnessed throughout the world. This omicron has seemingly rooted down into the communities just like a corona.


The above three phases have concluded that Corona is still around the corner, lurking down on us. When to attack and, we are least bothered. Covid is a type of virus that contaminates the air. And after coming in contact with a sick person, it can eventually grow into an omicron. If we do not prepare ourselves for this disease, it can be with humans for generations.

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