A Relative Explanation Of Albert Einstein’s E=MC2

A relative explanation of Albert Einstein’s E=MC2 is our latest work in the segment Thesis. This thesis will include first, the explanation of energy. The second would be the ratio of mass and speed of light in the relevance of energy. The third will be the cause of energy between two heavenly bodies. At the end concluding that energy is directly proportional to the mass and the distance between the bodies. So without further ado, starting the thesis A Relative Explanation.

A Relative Explanation (E=MC2)

Every object is either stationary or in movement in relation to each other. For Instance, you are stationary in relation to the laptop you are working on. On the other hand, the car moving on the road outside is in motion in relation to you. Mass and Speed of the object decide that either a body is in motion or it is motionless. This is directly proportional to the energy that the object emits. Now our question is, what is energy? And how does it justify the statement?

A Relative Explanation
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Explanation Of Energy

According to Newton’s law, energy can neither be created nor be destroyed but can be transferred from one form to another form. The question arises that what is energy as it was never created and it can’t be destroyed. This hypothesis concludes that once there was an atom that multiplied as a progressive object. For instance, let’s assume our solar system is an atom. In this atom, the sun is a nucleus and the planets revolving are electrons. Similarly, the earth revolving around the sun in a fixed path is like one positive electron or in other words a progressive element revolving around the nucleus sun. Thus, energy is nothing but a progressive element in an atom.

Mass And Speed Of Light

Two objects having mass are in motion in relation to each other. But what is the need for the speed of light in this equation? Here we again have a hypothesis concluding the relationship between the speed of light and mass. We have figured out what is energy in the above hypothesis. In this one, we are concluding that when there are two objects that are in motion have to be seen by each other. If there is no light then there is no relation between the objects.

Hence, the light has to be the time frame by which they can come in relation to making a room for the mass of the object. Mass, as defined, is space occupied by the object with resistance to acceleration. If a body doesn’t have mass then it can’t resist acceleration. Hence, stating that anybody at speed has to have mass. Therefore further moving onto the next segment the cause of energy between two heavenly bodies.

A Relative Explanation

Cause Of Energy Between Two Bodies

Energy as mentioned above is the progressive element in an atom. Here we will be concluding how the energy is entangled between two bodies. Every object has its own attraction power that is said as gravitational force. This gravitational force is the bonding of the atom with reference to the progressive element. Two atoms combine together to make a compound. Similarly, when there is a compound it has more than one progressive element. Thus, these two elements make a new compound by ionizing. Stating that life is a compound of two or more ionized elements. Finally moving onto the last segment that energy is directly proportional to the mass and the distance between the bodies.


Energy is directly proportional to the square of Mass And Speed of light. Clearly, we can state that if there are two bodies in space that have definite masses. That is visible to each other can be stated as that the speed of the light is twice traveled from both the bodies meaning that light is traveling from object A and back from Object B. On the other hand, lightly traveled from Object B to A and back. Thus, making the statement viable from the speed of light angle. On the Mass segment, two definite bodies have their separate gravitational force on each other. Again Gravitation works of object A onto B and similarly reverse from object B to A. Thus, concluding that twice the distance from Object A to Object B and B back to A with a product of the gravitational force applied by both the bodies.

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