A Hypothetical Theory Of Oneness Beyond Imagination

Hypothetical Theory Of Oneness is our latest work in the thesis section. This thesis is revolving around one fact that there is oneness. Be it the universe or you reading the article. We all are a single entity when it comes to physical attributes.

A hypothetical theory
Earth From Space

Theory #1

These physical attributes led to the creation of one universe. One universe of each individual entangled with other individuals. We can take it as, if one man has one mother and father. Then million people having billion parents. Thus, the inter connectivity leads to one habitable planet in one solar system. Thus, making one time for all the individuals. As the time is a representation of planets circling one sun in our solar system.

Theory #2

Every object is having its own fixed path. We are travelling in one direction and that is inter connected with different objects. Timelines are different for every object. Still we walk a same path that is circling a bigger body. That has light as the time is dilated only when the object is visible. When an object is not visible, time does not matter. Same is the concept with black hole as there is no time dilation inside the black holes. The inter connection of million paths going in the same direction has same time. For example on earth there are 24 hours in a day for every individual. But applying that on mars or other planet it will change.

Theory #3

Time is different for every object. The physical properties of a planet or a person are different according to the sun. We take time for each individual as one but an insect’s life is way less than of a human. Leading to the fact that bigger the object more the time dilation.


According to the fact that force is equal to the multiple of acceleration and mass. Every object is in motion in relation to sun. As sun is stationary and earth is moving also the object on the surface of earth is moving. Making bigger objects take same time as smaller objects.

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