Story Of A Star: God Among Humans: Introduction

Story of a star is one of our flicks that has been crafted specially for you. A story of a star who came upon earth in a human form to live a life of mortal. After living the life of a god he came to live, love and, die. He came here to see the perishable lives of humans. So with out further a do let’s start the story.

Story Of A Star

This story is all about the life of a multi-dimensional being. Born to a human couple in the 21st century. He was raised like a normal kid. He was forbidden from his powers until he became an adult. Until his teenage he was a normal child. Also, a notorious who wanted to be a attention seeker. His mid-teen life was filled with a lot of difficulties. Until he met his mentor. Not exactly met, but he used to talk to him with his psychic powers that he got to know about later.

Story Of A Star
Stars in night

The First Shot

The first chapter started with the first shot. It came with a lot of powers. He was not ready making a dis-balance in his life. He saw some major changes around him. He at first was not able to calculate the outcomes. He fell in a dark void of thoughts. He tried to escape to a dungeon. He tried to go there so that he could hide himself from the humans. His ears were constantly hearing the sounds of dead people. He sometime used to talk to living in the mind. Most of the time he used to sleep so that he could talk to his lover in the sleep.

The Second Shot

The second shot came with an immense effect on his life. Making him again disable to his powers as he could not contain the powers. Human form is the most fragile for any soul. As humans are made of 5 elements and they have to perish one day. But for a soul like this boy, it was hard for his soul to captivate his human body. That is why he had a lot of hardships in his initial days. His mentor who was dead finally took his command and started to give him lessons. The mentor was a priest who lived the life of a celibate. He stood for the boy and helped him. Until the third shot he was also silent as nobody knew what was happening with the boy. Later when the boy got the balance in the powers. He had a lot of things that were on his way.

Story Of A Star

The Third Shot

We all know human life is extraordinary as we don’t know how we came here on earth and how it all happened. But one thing we all believe is that there is god above us all. But we have not seen him we have made our own perceptions of him. One of a god comes down on earth and lives life of a normal man. Not just to live and die but to make a change. The third shot will be based on how he changed the world with his powers. As he could talk to people in his mind. Some of the parts of the story might feel repeated but it will a worth read for the lovers of Fiction.

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