Reaping The Fruits Of Technology Driven Society, An Era Of AI

Technology driven society is the latest article. Specially curated for the kids to know. How Artificial Intelligence can change the future. The last generation has made it possible to culminate a man made intelligence that can be progressive. The new generation of Engineers and scientist are seeing a change in the mode of working. As the now generation is reaping the fruits of technology driven society. In an era where AI has become the latest buzz.

Technology Driven Society

Technology is a bane and boon both at the same time. It has driven the society into a lazy culture as a bane. As a boon it has changed the life of humans by less efforts done in making products. Today’s society is reaching to Exo-space and back. But one thing technology is doing is making us loose the manpower. which further making the society made of idle people and machinery working on their behalf.

Technology Driven Society
Artificial Intelligence

An Era Of AI

AI has advanced in such a way that it has reduced the effort of mankind in doing all the calculative and mechanical work. Factories are having AI oriented machines that are reducing the human efforts. Making man more dependent on technology. But the question of the hour is to know how humans will live beside a machinery. And if the AI will replace human efforts where will the man go. Making it an era of AI.


The society is evolving with the technological advancements. But the machine taking over all of the human effort will make human imbecile. Before ending the article we will include two facts that. One society is on a verge of making human less efficient. Second is that humans after having an AI can go beyond the limits of nature.

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