Parabola Of The Market, The 2008 Recession And Covid19

Parabola Of The Market is our latest polity article on the great economic recession of 2008. It also reflects the current economic conditions post Covid-19 pandemic. As a matter of fact the article will conclude how the economies went down in Covid-19. During the economic recession the market crashed and the money flow was little to minimal. This reflects the current scenario of Covid19. Markets went down when the lock down was enabled. Every street and road corner store was shut down as there was lock down. Both the situation the current scenario and 2008 recession are the two points of the parabola of the market.

Parabola Of The Market

A parabola is a crescent in mathematics, but it can relate to any two points and study of these two points. The two points that we will be calculating are the above mentioned points in the history of India as well as global scenario. We have come a lot far from 2008 till 2021 and we have witnessed a lot of changes. But before Covid, were the scenarios in favor? Humans have survived almost every kind of catastrophe. Covid is among one such disaster that hit the counties.

Parabola of the Market
Economic charts

Risk Management by governments

During recession the countries stopped a lot of government schemes. Which were fueled by easy credit and insufficient regulation. In the context of Indian sub continent the Congress led government took every precautionary steps to avoid the damage. The then PM Manmohan Singh led the government to come out of the great depression. Whereas, in the context of Covid the BJP led government also took precautionary steps. By simple yet concrete strategies of applying lock down. Secondarily distributing food and other amenities for the needy ones.

Market Differences

During recession the market saw a hit in the stock exchange. Where a lot of people saw a decline in the stocks. The countries saw a decline in the GDP of the countries. Market prices hiked automatically. Where as during Covid the markets were stopped no body was working for the first few months, Later on making people to work from home. The accumulated out put is that both the ends of parabola saw a change to an extent where the masses were hit by a depression.

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