Modern Warfare: A War Of Political Ideologies

Modern Warfare is the latest flick. Specially crafted for the lovers of political scenarios. A war inside a nation and rise of a political hero. This flick is all about how political parties play the game called politics. A game that changes the scenarios where one wins the hearts of the public. So without further a do lets start the flick of the fantasy with your host Manish.

Modern Warfare

Politics is a game where everybody competes for the throne. This story is about how a man who made his career in the difficult times. We all know politics is a game of luck. We all make decisions while competing. A series of tough decisions led an underdog became the face of the nation. Life is a great and this man competing with the largest party of the country took some smart decision that made him win the thrown.

In today’s world there is a modern warfare between political ideologies. The way they handle their presence over people is the way to the thrown. Politics is not just the game for kids. The scenarios change with just a flick of time.

Modern Warfare

First Flick

The story starts with the riots in the city. The people were angry with the present government. The opposition was putting pressure on the current government. Then there rose a man who turned all the tables and made the government continue. The present government was about to be overthrown. But this man made change in the governing module. The whole city was under the immense pressure. The man came up with an idea that changed the scenarios. He gave a solution of freezing the city. The present government shutdown the shops and all the necessary amenities. Isolating the city and and the area of the riots. This simply broke the back bone of the riots. The shortage of food made the protesters to fall back and go home. This is the first flick in which the man rose.

Second Flick

The second flick is all about how this man made change in monetary system. The country was going through a breakdown after the riots. After the first strike the opposition played dirty politics for demeaning the current government. The states where the opposition was in the rule they hiked the prices of amenities. Also, releasing the statement that the central government is cutting the monetary funds. Again making disputes among the people. Then this man came with a revised format of monetary deposit. He stopped the use of cash flow and made the transactions available in the digital format. This made a sturdy change in the monetary funds. This step again made the man a national hero.

Modern Warefare
Digital Money

Third Flick

After changing the monetary deposit came a new problem. The country was under a cold war with the neighboring country. The most of import was coming from the neighboring country. That country stopped the flow of products between the two nations. The man again rose with a idea in a stipulated time frame. He after making the monetary funds digital. Started a new campaign where the local manufacturer was given an opportunity to grow. He made people invest in the local product. Thus, rotating the money flow inside the country. Also, a series of meetings with other nations to come together to make a international market for the products.

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