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India Since 1857 And Now, Changes In The Polity Of Secular State

Secular State Of India

Secular state of India has seen many changes. All the political fronts also has seen changes. One India has a lot of visions. As every front represent their opinion. Every political party has its roots in the making of secular India. 1857 saw a first surge in the direction of Indian movement for freedom. Till today those surges can be witnessed as the different opinionated parties. Previously we were fighting for freedom from the British. Today we are fighting poverty, unemployment, and racial discrimination.

Secular State Of India

Secular State Of India
Secular Flag

India has been a secular state since its inception. Before 1857 and after it. India has been a hub of cultures. Wide variety of cultures has been there in the Indian sub continent. These Cultural mixes has made India a secular state.

India in 1857

India in 1857 was a hub of the princely states. All these states were inclined towards the policies of the EIC. It was the period when India saw a revolution by a great revolutionary Mangal Pandey. On the other hand Siraj-Ud-Daulah and queen Laxmibai held a regime against the British.

India in 2021

India in 2021 has over come a lot of changes. It now is in the league of super powers of the world. India is all set to be a hub of not just culture but a hub of technology. On the Index of technological advancements India has a firm grip at innovation. In the leadership of PM Modi. India has over come a lot of changes including the unemployment.

India 2021
India 2021

India From 1857 to 2021

There has been a lot of changes in the India of 1857 and India of 2021. The main component of India’s secularism is that its leaders are not just limited to India. They have a presence throughout the wide world. People of Indian origin has been seen to be present throughout the world at prominent positions. India of 1857 was more inclined towards provincial development. India of 2021 is inclined towards global development.

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