• Mon. Oct 25th, 2021

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Bedazzling Youth Forums

Bedazzling youth forums are driving the youth in such a way. It has impacted the youth making it Vulnerable. Leaders amongst the youth are driving them in this web. A web of social media to distract and divert the youth. Making these leaders rich by making a fool out of the youth. As an assessment, we analyzed that this new generation youth is more inclined towards social platforms. We also noted that 21st century has not seen prominent inventions.

Bedazzling Youth Forums

We have seen idol worshiping in many religions. But this generation is doing idle worshiping. By wasting valuable time. Youth is destroying youth as these ideas are coming from the youth leaders. We have seen students dropping out and making money from these forums. Is money everything. What about the responsibility of nurturing the next generation? What are we setting as an example for the next generation?

Bedazzling Youth Forums
Social Media Apps

Youth, Driving The Youth

The leaders of today are the ones that are driving the youth. They have made the youth tech savvy. No body wants new inventions. All what they want is idle time surfing on social media. We have seen significant growth in social media reforms. They are all setup for bedazzling the youth in the lime light. If everybody is a super star who is going to be the viewer?

Impact On The Youth

The social media is pushing the youth towards shiny and in other words all shining future. It has impacted the youth in such a way. That youth is culminated in every kind of odd job. We have forgotten the ways of hard earning and easy spending. All we want is easy earning and hard spending. If everybody will be rich then who will work. We want IT professionals but we do not want to be an engineer. We want smart watch and cell phone but we do not want to make one.

Bedazzling Youth Forums
New Generation Youth

Social Media, A Web

A simple analogy. I saw a social media app for few minutes got fed up. Time to move on next app similarly got fed up then approaching a new app. Like this we have a surplus amount of apps to spend 24 hours a day. This is how the youth is being mislead into a web of Social Media.

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