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India On A Front Against Taliban, After USA Sets It Foot Back

Afghanistan and India

Afghanistan and India are two very distinct neighbors. They share boundaries and a lot of historical properties. Today they have come up on a verge of separation. The Taliban taking over the country. Second, it being the enemy of the Republic of India. As if we go in history, the Taliban has quite an impact on India in the terrorism front.

Taliban And India

Taliban as a group of individuals were never impressed with the logic of democracy and equality. It can be seen in the way by they treat their women and other religions. On the other hand, in India. Lots of funding from Taliban has been done in order to terrorize the state of India.

Afghanistan and India
War against Terrorism

Issues Arising For India

India do not have good relations with its neighbors. Be it Pakistan, China and now Afghanistan. This causing the problem for India.

As if they go with Taliban they would be just another country helping terrorism to grow, like Pakistan.

If they go with Afghanistan. There will be Issues on the international front with USA. As Taliban did 9/11.

If they go with Afghanistan. They will have to loose International immunity.

India is surrounded by it’s three neighbors. If anything goes wrong they will be on a front with all 3 of them. Like in 1962, China has shown interest in Taliban and showing that they are against India.

China on the other hand bucking up all the Anti-India Nations. Like Pakistan and Afghanistan (due to Taliban).

Afghanistan and India
Indian soldiers

Diplomatic Issues

India has answers for every situation as it has emerged as a super power now. After dealing with the Covid-19. They have not stopped at any point. Be it radicalization with Pakistan or diplomacy with China and now the Taliban. India has good historical and diplomatic relations with the Afghanistan. Both the governments previously shared good relations. But now the issues are rising because of Taliban.

The complex nature that India has stuck in, is below.

Russia is also supporting the Taliban rule. Which creating complexions for India as both share great diplomatic relations.

Along with that USA is against the rule of Taliban in Afghanistan. Making A complex state for India to deal with.

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