The Stolen Moon: A love story

The stolen moon is the latest flick. It is especially crafted for all the lovers. Keeping in mind that some people do not get their love of life. Instead they get more than what they deserve but not true love. This story is of two lovers. That go into opposite directions when set apart. Both of them were separated in such a hassle. That one of them became the stolen moon. So without further a do let’s start the flick of the fantasy of this evening with a cup of tea and some snacks.

The Stolen Moon

Every love story comprises of a boy and a girl. We have that but the story is a bit different. As the story is not how they fell in love. It starts where they were set apart. The conditions were not favorable for their love. As one of them had to detach and become the moon as it is with the case of Earth. They both got separated, one became the stolen moon. That exists today as our moon that is our natural satellite. The other lover being the sun. As both of them cannot meet yet only see each other. The moon is such a lover that it takes energy from the sun that is the energy of love.

The stolen moon
The Moon

The Separation

The story starts where both the characters fell in love already as mentioned above. They were so mad about each other. That they grew so close that they couldn’t be separated. making them the true lovers. But unlike every love story the lovers get separated. They too got separated and were set apart. Like today one is seen in day and other at night. They two can never be seen together from earth.

The Cause

This story is not about the Love. But about the cause of how the two lovers got separated from each other? Its seems easy falling in love. But when it comes of separation how much pain does the lovers have to go through. The cause behind the separation of two lovers is always a third person. In our case it is earth. Earth was the third angle in the love triangle.

A poem for the stolen moon by the sun. As for sure sun turned out to be a poet. As there is a sun in everybody. And a moon that everybody adores. And not so cool, earth like lover that is the cause of the separation in the story. So below is a poem for your love of poems and poetry.

The stolen moon

An art to steal my Heart

Do you care if I Stare At you when you smile.
Can I love you all the way while you smile.
Should i say or you want a way to my heart.
Tell me is it you or you know the art to steal my heart.
With your smile all the way while you look at me.
Do you care if i see you like the way you see me.
With you eyes all wide and a big beautiful smile.
Killing all the people in the way while you see me like that.
Where were you and where are you at.
Come here come closer. I will adore you while I am sober oh! Dear
Come near let me kiss your eyes while you smile.
That is all i have as I love and your eyes while you smile
When they talk and i get a walk to your heart 
Because you sure know the art.

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