Adjusting New Era Of Women Beside Men

Women empowerment is one tough fight for women out there. This war has been out in the world for a very long time. As it can be seen in this new generation of technology. The women are still struggling for the rights in a lot of countries. Countries like Afghanistan and other middle eastern countries where women are still fighting this war of lineage. This article is wholly encircling on the women rights and their war to survive according to the theory of the survival of the fittest.

Women Empowerment A War

We live in a society that is built on the corpses of women. In every country through out the globe the women have laid down the necessary blocks for foundation. They have given birth to the legends of yesterday, today and tomorrow. Giving their very best to the country. A woman whose 23 year old son got martyred in the war of Independence. Yes the renown Bhagat Singh but what about his mother who had to endure that pain of loosing a son. Srimati Vidyavati a mother of a proud martyr.

Women empowerment
Women leaders

Women The Pioneers

The Indian society is solely built in a mirror of a women. Through out the centuries the goddesses are worshiped like mothers. Even the cow is a mother figure to the community. We have seen several women like queen Laxmibai and the nightingale of India Sarojini Naidu. They have taken stand in the war of Independence and have inspiried a lot of other women in India.

Women In Today’s India

Women empowerment has been taken to all new levels. But still a segment of men does not consider them to be equal. Despite being born to a woman these men think that men and women can not stand together with equality. Today’s women has shown it to every body. That women and men, if kept on a balance scale are equal in every vertical. So leaving out all the rest whether to respect your mother or wife as equal as you are.

mother and daughters
Mother with two daughters

Society Without Women

We all dream to be conquers in our lives. Yet we forget that behind every man there is his mother. That gives birth to him. This new generation of women not only gives birth. They also lead the globe like in many countless forms. If we think that we can live without women then it is a dream with awake eyes.

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