The Little Sunshine: The vivacity of love

Love is a fascinating thing. We all fall in love once in our lives. Yet we knowing that it hurts we still fall for this wonderful feeling. Hula amigos welcome to the two-minute space for the flicks of fantasy. This story is for all the lovers out there. That is mad about their lovers. Like the saying “true love is hard to find but love is love”. So without further ado let’s start the flick.

The Little Sunshine

The little sunshine is one of our flicks that will make you think about how love can change lives of the people from first sight to the last goodbye.

It starts with a little sunshine in the countryside, a boy living with his father. The maximum loss a person can have is his heart. The boy had the mind-blasting journey from a farmer to a millionaire by just running behind the love of his life.

The Little Sunshine

We all dream and dreaming are good. But it can change lives when we work hard enough to get what we dreamt of. This is a story of a boy that lives in the countryside of a country. He Falls in love with a girl that he has not seen in real life. He just saw her in his dreams and this dream takes him from scratch to the top of the world.

Dedication can lead to enormous results. Especially when a person falls in love. He forgets what is happening around him and does all that needs to get closer to his love. This boy did the same thing when he first saw the girl in his dreams.

The Smile

The clock was about to go just before Ash woke up as a daily routine. He went to the stable and fed the horses. He was happy about something and there was a smile on his face since he woke up. His father came near and asked, “hey son what’s up with that little smile on your face”. He replied, “nothing just happy with no reason”. His dad said, “woh! son is that the smile I am thinking about in my mind”? “What do you mean”? said the boy. His dad replied, “son it’s the same smile when I met your mother for the first time”.

Man and a woman in love
Two lovers
You Exist InThe Midst

The above sonnet is from the dairy of that boy. He fell in love with this gorgeous girl. Who, he met in his dream and met after he became famous not in this world but somewhere. So this is what we have in for you.

I know you are a lover and i a firm believer.
That you exist, Like i do in the midst.
The dawn of the night make me fight in my mind.
That you exist, Like i do in the midst.
I keep on fighting not believing that i am dreaming.
Dreaming that you exist, Like i do in the midst.
In the middle of night, I had a sight.
You were me, and i you wearing no shoe.
Dancing like monkeys in the zoo.
In the zoo you exist, Like i do in the midst.
Falling for you again and again with a lot of pain.
That you exist, Like i do in the midst.
I saw your shoe outside of my house, was that a clue.
That you exist, Like i do in the midst
You are gone, gone are the days of shine.
When you exist, like i do in the midst.
Following the foothpaths of your shoe.
Just like you exist, Like I do in the midst. 

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