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Agony for justice

Agony For Justice is our latest poem for the lovers of poem. Keeping in mind that the things are a verge on a change. As the polity that is going on around the world is also changing day by day. We need justice and a savior to serve justice to all. This poem is specially crafted keeping in mind the above things. We all want justice in our lives and we forget that karma is on loose to do justice to everybody even me. So without taking much of your time below is some lines dedicated to the lovers of poem.

Agony for justice
Court room

Agony For Justice

Is it me or is it with everybody
that we feel nice when we have choice
the choice for justice is it with me or everybody feels nice.
we feel like betrayed when the truth is portrayed
like we have a choice how is it nice.
is it justice then how is it nice when we do not even have a choice.

we are longing for a savior who could maneuver
the agony for the justice we want as a choice isn't it nice
the agony is high and at stakes we want somebody at breaks
because it ain't a choice how could it be nice.
think twice as we do not have choice. 
rejoice as the time has come to be nice
nice as much as we can be as there is no choice
justice will be served for each and everybody even me
days are left of the fall and justice will be served to all.

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