Education Standards in India and what we need

Education in India is our latest thesis. That will be encircling the questions about the education standards in India. Education in India is what the British left with and gave us. The current Education system is a mix of the old and new education system in India. This Thesis is all about the vision encircling the new type of education in India. Further moving on how to approach.

Education in India

We have witnessed in India that the education system does not prevail over thinking. In this thesis we have a different approach towards the education in India. By not just studying but also learning how to earn bread for the household. This is a whole new type of approach we have given to this thesis.

Kid Going To School

Approach to the education in India

A whole new concept of how a child should get into the world. With the first steps of experiencing the world. We all learn our niche when we get into the business. We are not made to learn all these challenging experiences when we should? Like we should be taught how to do business or in other cases how to handle the pressure of a MNC. We all work our best but still the productivity is not up to the level that we want it to be.

Making kids learn the concepts of life. In the case of a chef, he/she cleans his work station at all times after and before the preparation of the dishes. The kids are not made to clean the classrooms after the school is over. Some tough choices yet approachable for the kids to do like cleanliness.


Inducing the life lessons

We all know that life is way beyond that is taught to us. Yet most of us fail to prevail in the race. A simple strategy is being Introduced in the thesis.

Making kids handle money, as money management is the most vulnerable side of any human being. In this thesis we are going to tell about money management. And how it should be introduced in the schools at a raw age of mere ten or eleven.

Making Kids Value Money

The kids are full of energy. They can do any work if taught with preciseness. The simple technique is to teach the kids how to earn money? By simply making them clean the school premises after the school gets over. This will make sure Few things in them. First they will get to know how the money is made by working hard. And second is they will respect money. Third they will spend money wisely. This will make sure they do not take money for granted. As most teens take the valuable money for granted.

money collection
Piggy Bank

Learning the Niche

As mentioned above, that we all learn our niches when we come out of the schools and colleges? This malpractice should be stopped. we should induce the niches in and after completion of the senior secondary. As soon as we will teach our kids how to work. It will be better for the next generation of India to work and settle down with peace.

Giving Kids of Ages between 18 to 25 the right momentum to start the career. Simply by giving them internships after the schools just to let them experience. How the work environment is going to be? when you get down on your feet?

The Learning Age

We think that we learn till we are in colleges or schools. The matter of the fact is that we learn from our life lessons. The proper age till we should give time to learn and induce the lessons of life should be 25. Till this age we are confused as these are the years we are mostly with challenging attitude. So to just channelize the energy the kids should be made to study till 25 years. Giving them enough time to select their niche and take the life lessons before hurting themselves.

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