A relative theory on Black Holes

We see time has been distributed in the planet earth. According to the movement of the light that we get from the sun. With out that we can not make sure how to induce time in our daily lives. We all know that time has a major impact on how the black holes work.

Black Hole Thesis

As every thing is revolving around the time. We have not studied time perfectly. As time dilatation is all based on the light. If there is no light then there is no time. The black holes does not have light that is why they are dark in the nature.

Black hole thesis
Time Dilation

They does not reflect light. That simply means that in the black holes there is no time. According to the previous statement. If we have noticed there is not a single black hole in the milky way galaxy. As there is light due to the presence of our sun and other stars. But nearby galaxies have black holes. We need to know the nature of the black holes.

But before that we must study time in the best of the support to the formation of black hole. We have noticed that a black hole has an opening. But we are not for sure, that if it happens to have an end. As no body knows for sure. This theory is revolving in the same concept but considering time as a major factor in the making of black holes.

We all know black holes are some extraordinary yet mysterious structures in the universe. We are not for sure that how they are made or they just are a natural phenomena. We have been studying them from quite a time. And we have not moved a single inch as we have not studied time. As without time there are no black holes.

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Starry night

Or in other words time lapse leads in the making of black holes. And according to the above statement without light there is no time. As earth revolves around sun. This revolution and resolution around sun makes a year, a month and a day. Making divisions in our time.

We have to make sure that we study time this thesis is more inclined towards the time dilation and how time effects the nature of light. The light is the only medium by which we can check the relativity of time. According to the first statement.

Simply understanding time can be revealed as when we see each other. It is time that is making us do that. As if there was no light then there would be no time. If there is no time then it is a black hole we are living in.

Time is in itself a natural phenomena as taking in account that every planet has its time span of revolving around the sun. This is the truth for a fact that time is different for every individual every where on the planet as every body is a separate entity and it is revolving around the sun along with earth.

black hole thesis

Therefore, according to this black hole thesis we do not have fixed time. And if there is no fixed time then it is a black hole we are living in. Big enough that has engulfed the whole universe. Or we can say in other words that the whole space is a black hole and we are all living in it.

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