Honey For Sonny: The Poem For Lovers

Honey For Sonny is one of our specially crafted poem for the sake of love for all the lovers out there. This is a message to all the lovers. That before money you can not get any honey. This is just for the purpose of fun no intention of hurting anybody’s feeling. This sonny can be you or me or anybody out there.

So without further a do let’s start off with the poem Honey For Sonny

Honey for sonny
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Honey For Sonny

Throughout for the ages we have witnessed the sages to run for money.
Sonny its the money everybody works for.
I pay,
You stay that is all I have to say.
For sages it has been ages to run behind money ohh! dear sonny.
son! Listen money is everybody lookin for.
For Sure are you in, in this sin.
singin thins song son for you that is new for you dear sonny.
Make money to get your honey is it all right sonny.
Now sing it with me sonny do you want money or the honey.
For sure are you in, in this sin throw your ego in the bin as you are gonna start singin.
seems like your are listenin now start lying.
like the sages that want money and honey for ages.

Love is like pain after the vain


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Honey For Sonny
No Honey without Money

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