Fourteen Days Of Sunshine: Love Never Dies

Fourteen days of sunshine is one of the flicks that is crafted specially for the love of readers. That indulge in reading stories in a captive ways.

Fourteen Days Of Sunshine

The story consists of two love birds. That never saw each other yet fell in love. This love story starts with their conversation in the prison. There they never got to see each other but talked to each other. They fell in love with each other with out seeing each other. Just the voices of each other made them fall in love. So with out further a do lets start the story.

Fourteen days of sunshine
Two Love Birds

The Meet And Greet

The story starts with a gun dealer that is on for a deal in India. Opposite to that is a girl that is a Bangladeshi refugee. Both meet each other in a circumstance where the fate took twists and turns. The man is from Russia while on a deal of arms he was visiting India. He was about to meet the other dealer but the fate has some thing else. He was captured at the airport and was sent to military prison in India. While on the other hand the girl was crossing the international borders and was captured. She was sent to the same prison. The fate made them come together as they were together but there was a wall in between. The men’s prison and women’s was together but the wall was in between them. The girl was crying out loud while on the other hand the man was silent in his prison. The man shouted out aloud. why are you crying? Stop crying i am sleeping here. She replied with a pain in here voice. I am not a culprit. I am here by mistake you do not know how i am feeling? He replied yes like i am innoscent, everybody comes here for a reason. She said why are you here? He replied I am an arms dealer and got captured by the military police at airport. Why are you here he asked? She replied i am out on the search of a job and was crossing the borders and got captured. I am going to rot here for all of my life. He says do not worry god is with every body just wait for him to correct everything. Here they got a connection and started to talk with each other. This is how they met and greeted each other for the first time.

The Connection

man and woman kissing beside window
The connection of Love

While in the prison they both got close. As they were talking to each other most of the time. They shared a lot to each other about themselves. She used to get cheered up when they were in the compartments. The moment when they were out they felt lost. One late night they were talking to each other the man said. We have been here for more than two week. you have made a special place in my heart. It seems like we have been together for ages. The girls replies what a fate we have i have same feeling for you. But we have not seen each other not even once. He asked where do you live and while asking the warden came. The warden changed the compartments of both the prisoners. They got separated here without even telling each other where they lived.

The Fate

Fourteen days of sunshine got a twist when the both characters got separated. But fate had something else in the mind. The man and the girl both got released on the same day. After Fourteen days living beside each other. They finally were ou.t But as they never saw each other they were sitting in the same truck. That was taking them to the railway station. They both were silent and were ignoring each other. they both separated for good to meet again as the fate had some thing else in the mind.

The Lost Love

Fourteen Days of sunshine
The Pact Of Love

Fourteen days of sunshine finally ended with both the characters meeting. The man was on a arms deal in South of the Bangladesh. He came there and was received at the airport by a anonymous girl. He without saying anything went with her. Then silence was speaking as they got hint that they knew each other. But the norms were not to talk. They both reached at the hotel. The man asked the lady about the other dealer. When she replied the man got the hint that she is that girl from the prison. The man without any further discussion asked have you ever been into prison in India. The Girl replied Yes why do you ask. Do you remember a prisoner opposite to your compartment. She replied Yes. The man with immense happiness got onto his knees and asked her are you Martha. I am Sam from the Men’s compartment your lover Of fourteen days. Here is what the fate has in the mind and with this unique story I end the story for a new story to be shared with you.

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