Guidelines For Safe Banking: The queries related to banking

Guidelines for safe Banking are meant to be followed as per instruction applied by the RBI Governor And the Finance Minister

Guidelines For Safe Banking

Guidelines For Safe Banking is all in the hands of consumer/customer. The banks have not so much to do with it. The RBI is the main bank that has the authority in governing the policies. Yet there are so many confusions that arise in front of the consumer. As they do not read the terms and conditions properly. The Private sector banks do give high-interest rates. The Government banks for sure give low rates. The scenario is that the private sector banks need customers. Whereas the government banks make us be a truthful consumer. This is the reason why the “JAN DHAN YOJANA” Was established. Linking of “Aadhar Card” and “Pan Card” was a part of RBI’s Policy To maintain the balance of The scheme launched by The Finance Minster Smt. Nirmala Sitharaman. These steps were taken into account to be applied in the next coming years for the NDA Government.

RBI Guidelines
Banking Guidelines

And the Next tenure after 2024. The planning of the next fiscal year is about to be started as the new fiscal year starts from the new year according to the Hindu Calendar. Like it always has been since the independence of India. We all know there are pros and cons of every government But likewise, we should know how to make the value of the vote. Similarly in the case of Banking. We should be a consumer or a customer that depends on the personal ideologies of the people applying for the bank account. This goes for all the citizens of India that have accounts in the banks. The major part of opening a bank account is to read the terms and conditions carefully. The year 2020 has been a crucial year as India has seen a lot of Internal and external Changes be It the borders or the Government policies.

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