Brotherhood: Likely to be the best to be in, Rather than Communities


Brotherhood a very common term in all the communities. Be it Just a community or any religion. The term brotherhood has various definitions. People of different ethnic backgrounds have different ways of understanding it. The term brotherhood in my perception is when we all are one unit. One unit can be a cell, organism, community, or religion. Brotherhood comes when we are united internally and externally. The boundaries are decided by the leaders of certain communities. But Humans are present everywhere. Yet we think that illiteracy is fatal. Here, we are wrong. In medieval times, the people were less educated, yet all the humans lived peacefully. Until we were forced to separate from each other. We all are the kids of mother nature. Still, we do not respect nature.

Cherishing The Brotherhood

The conditions that mother nature has made us with is the only thing we should ponder about. Meaning that all organisms are equal be it me, a human, or dinosaurs, that are no longer on the earth. A community is always driven by the Leaders. These leaders were the main ones that laid the foundation of the brotherhood. The reason why we are not having brotherhood is that we think we are above or supreme to the other. Where in we are just all the sons of the mother nature. These leaders have told us to do the right things. Yet we do not follow them dividing us into the communities. we all know that we are all the sons of nature. As mentioned in the article before we are all related to each other internally and externally. As we know that we remember our brothers of mother nature and they also love us. All organisms living in the world are sons of mother nature yet we do not treat each other with respect. Thus, resulting in the slaughtering of our beloved ones.

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