Let’s Make Love: Defining Love

Love has no definition. Some people think that love is worship and some betray. As the definitions is what they trust upon.

Let’s Make Love is the latest article by the author. And In this article, we will be talking about how we love our self when we Forget who we are. It does not matter where we live we know that somebody is made for us. And that somebody is in your heart. Saying that you have to lose everything to love your self. And We have a lot of examples where we have seen that people lose their most loved one. Yet they still think that they are somewhere here. That then we idolize them for being with us. For whatever time they have spent with us. But the memories are the best part of it as this is how we know that we are being remembered. As we have seen many people find their true love when the time comes. And we all know that time is precious. It doesn’t wait for anybody. People leave but they are never replaced. This how we love. But the first part of the love happens when you surrender and the reaction is trust.

Festivities of love

This is how we find love in every human. So this concludes that love your loved ones when there is time left. And we also know that people and time do not wait for anyone. Some find it at the first go and some are just lucky that they finally got it. So love is two-way communication. we know love has no religion. But love is the love we have to trust that and surrender both at the same time. Because in a hard time love is the only thing that matters because it gives lessons. And we learn from our mistakes. if we do not trust the person who we love then there was never love because love is two-way communication and love is based on the concept of trust. Trust and trust issues go in hand in hand.

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