Work Pathology and setting the Standards to be the first

People in India and how they lessons from one another with a invisible love they all share. They are stupid because they do not know the difference between pride and proud.

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Work Pathology: People in India and how they lesson from one another with an invisible love they all share. They are stupid because they do not know the difference between pride and proud. The similarity is that it all starts with “P”(Fill In the Difference) and the difference is the end results.

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People think that they are the only ones with the brain. Yet they do not know how the brain works. Humans have gone to the deepest point they have measured. But measurement is not based on the quality of service you provide to your customer. If one of them is right then one of them is wrong. And the whole measurement is based on the parameters of a few people. Who turned out to be standing first in the line! When people are the first in the line! They start a trend. Rest people follow the leader, by Voting. But corruption is there everywhere. If the first person who started corruption was right he did observe something and calculated the outcome. This is how the one standing first in line calculates risks and just focuses on the spirit of working. Work is worship as taught to me by my teacher! And “worshiping means trusting” And Also one thing my other teacher taught me that “trust is earned by igniting the energy. Money is all about energy, as much energy you produce you give that. The conclusion is that it is based on human behaviour. The definition of energy in human behaviour is that, if an atom exists it will give you a proof of action if it wants a reaction. Thus, taking the big bang in consideration we know that action has a reaction and the reaction has to be justified. This is the work ethics of the human brain. And every human that has walked on the earth has taught us that, No matter how hard you work you are producing and production has MSP. Suitable only on The Packaged products. That has the ISI hallmark used as a certification in Bharat and the gold products in India.

A 2 min Flick on Work Pathology By SuyalWanish

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