Anxiety Challenges: Behavioral, Psychological Yet Natural.

Changes and Challenges that we face when we are stuck with anxiety.

Anxiety Challenges

Anxiety Challenges are common Yet are a natural process that goes within the minds of people. They are not recycling the thoughts that they consume/make in a day. Which is a common thing as they have destroyed first themselves and then the mother nature. Yet we say building and factories are destroying the world. But who is working with people like us? similarly, our bodies and our brain are getting polluted. And we are the ones who are doing it. Not knowing it but deliberately doing it. Everything we do has an impact on us. Likewise, the first man digs the hole, and the rest village drinks and modifies the hole according to his comfort level. Until the water is finished or they have found a new one.

Anxiety Challenges
Mental Stress

Anxiety Challenges: This process leaves a shallow dug hole in the middle of nowhere and it makes an impression on the facilities by changing the source of it. Which are necessary and further leading an invention. But one thing we forget to cover up is the hole that we dug in the ground.

With this, a question arises. That when there are holes and holes in that village in the past few years. What kind of village it will be. One saying another to fill it but no one filling it.

The same is the case of what is present in the minds of our society i.e. us. We are suffering half from our faults and a half from our ancestor’s fault. Which we are fed up in the growing years of our life which is 5-12. After 12 hits puberty, this is why kids do not want to do anything. Because they are not able to digest the information that they been fed up with all of these years. But when they oppose they say “this is our culture. We are taught this way”. I know people are right but not all times. It applies to me as well.

Anxiety Challenges
We as a Society

Solving an issue is never done when the work is established. It can only be corrected in the first phase of life. That is why there are 4 phases of life which are divided into 4 quarters of life. And each quarter has a fixed duration. Just the learning is constant.

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