Puberty Changes: A shift in life that is still Something

Puberty Changes

Puberty Changes is the most related and unrelated both at the same time. We once go through this and for sure many of us turn it into a mess. But nonetheless, it is the best of the moments that we cherish throughout our life. But one thing that makes me ponder on the whole scenario. Throughout the ages, every single being has gone through this shift of where you are just…….(Fill in the blanks). All in all, it meant that when everybody has gone through this why they fail(Not all the cases) in giving this message to their young ones when they strike through these episodes where we are just….(Again.. fill in the blanks). Why is this the exception that every individual is not able to impart what he/she experienced in their lives? I have a say in this but it is my opinion that every individual and their brains grow from time to time and it is a shift of behavioral changes that occur in different individuals differently. As just an assumption… Below are the calculations and route maps…

Puberty Changes
Puberty And Teens

Puberty Changes: A Brief..

Brain! it is one of the magnificent thing that has happened to us humans. Otherwise there would be no difference between us and animals. But in many cases we are more pathetic than the animals when taken account on some cases we are all aware. If brain (instincts) were not there then it would be not good for us here. So further During the whole life span one thing grows every second or even micro. That is the brain. Taking in account of the things we see, do and hear from the time we are born and till the eyes are closed. This all is some where in the brain (possibilities). So these are the things we have observed and finally we then conclude them making it our knowledge. This applies to all segment be it Education, Family or our social being. Without this there would be no use of the brain. And we know we can not control it. Isn’t it good, a natural computer whom of we don’t have the control. It just works on its own but you are entitled of what you serve, feed or put input into the beautiful thing that our brain is. Yet we do not have full control as you can control you self but not others. which is why lets say it is semi-automatic. This is just one of the apps that it runs and it is a home of all the apps that you encounter in your daily life on the internet. As all the ideas are the carefully observed, calculated conclusions of our brain. SO here are the conclusions based on my knowledge which i found out to be sharing with. Age wise.

Puberty Changes


This is the time when your brain is not even working the half of it as you are limited to certain things. I said half because we surely do many things things we happens to be done by the presence of mind. So at this age it is just like any new device that you log into. you have to put each and every detail from the scratch. in about some time every form is filled you do not even have to fill the forms next time you just open any website on phone. Let’s just say we are too obsessed with our brain that one of us has even thought of making it which we can see.


Puberty Changes: Age Group 5 to 10.

This is the time when our brain has had 75% of growth. Which is why every kid of this age group is so into watching and doing new things and questioning about them. By this time we are like the phone that is filled with a lot of apps and each one of them is so cool and amazing. And we want to check each and every app once.

Age group 5 to 10
Age Group 5 to 10

Puberty Changes: Age Group 10 to 20

This is the particular age group when puberty hits us. Giving small tremors in the starting of it. And then we are hit by the overthinking which is similar to when we are in the connection of a WIFI or an internet zone. A lot of ads and what not in each thing. All these ads that I am talking about are the conclusions of over thing. which is common in ever individual. This overthinking is just a normal thing to happen as it is all the insecurities and wrong perception of the things done just once and felt bad at its first attempt.

Puberty Changes

A simple solution to this is every time doing overthinking one thing we have to keep in mind that how much of concludes in positive and how much of it is negative. Because every time you thing of any thing with it is wrong or right. So these will let you decide what the output of it is going to be. And second of the most important is that keep it in you mind that you are never right. As your right can be somebody’s left or wrong…. this time it is tick the correct one. So not every time we have to react. Hope you find it worth a read.

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