Human Pathology: A Defect that defies all the facts of Pathology

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Human Pathology is a study of the causes of diseases in humans. And if talking of humans every human on this earth has suffered from a disease once in a lifetime. Be it once, twice, and in some cases the worst. After studying a little on what I could put my hands on. I have come to know that in the world a lot of people suffer from chronic diseases. That is a kind of death sentence to those suffering from those. But one thing crossed my mind and it made me ponder to think for hours in fact days. To come to the conclusion that in every human each cell is collapse and new once are made in order to meet the requirements of the body. Some dead cells are used by the body in the form of fingernails and hairs and god knows how many things. As the whole concept of recycling is basically derived from the human body. Further moving…

Human Pathology

In Human Pathology so far we concluded that we get new cells every often so we are not the same after 1 or maybe two months. But that is not what I am so curious about. It’s the fact which follows below…

We all are aware of the term cancer as it has affected us in one way or the other. Be it first hand or second hand or even to a known one. To this what I got to know that.

  • Cancer is a growth in our bodies
  • It can sometimes be a cyst, benign, or in some cases malignant.
  • But all the cancers are growths that when examined or biopsied turned out to be attributed to the disease.

Till now we concluded that growths can be cancerous in the case to case. Keeping in mind the fact that every cell is recycled in a few day’s time. So this is the part which makes me curious enough to make a statement where ” A person in a lifetime have gone through hundreds and thousands or god know to recycle of the cells. keeping in mind the facts. In how many cases of cells were formed in our bodies without even coming to the notice of an average human. And it can be assumed that every human had had a growth in their body. In the cases where the body fought with the cells. And stopped the cancer cells from growing. Further…

human pathology

Above facts when kept in mind we can state that every human on this earth once had cancer in them which was prevented by their own body. In some other cases, the body is not able to handle those cancer cells due to some lack of food hygiene ( no one knows what body exactly wants at what time. some times it can be an iron deficiency or some other protein or fibre to tackle any disease naturally) or in some cases just unlucky.

Not even a single research has been carried out by any organization to keep a check on the human body. In order to come over the dangerous Human Pathology that we humans suffer from. A fact though it can’t be done no one will dedicate their lives for just research. And if any organization pays people to do so here comes… Human Rights.

Human Pathology

Not much of a knowledge but a vision can…

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