Environmental Scenarios, If Measures are not taken: Global Warming(1)

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Environmental scenarios is a compilation of five possible outcomes. Nearing about 20 to 30 years from now. If proper measures are not taken for tackling the disease that we are giving to our planet i.e Global Warming.

Environmental Scenarios

These are just some glimpses of what we could end up doing if things go like this for the next 2 or 3 decades. The environment is diminishing slowly every day and second. Yet people are planning their retirement but just imaging that in the upcoming next 2 decades. You could be walking with a digital mask with an oxygen motor fitted and that might cost you your savings. As the battery itself will consume a lot of money. 4 people per family and 2 batteries for each per day. and count it the years you will be left after your retirement. So without further ado let’s catch up with some of the visions of 2050 or 2060. Keeping in the mind the damage we have done to the ecosystem. And if continued like this. Further…

Environmental scenarios #1 (The Oxygen Mask)

we all know that we breathe a composition of Gases. Oxygen is the most essential one. Yet deforestation and the Forest Fires are reoccurrences every year with each being more impactful than the previous. If this continues to happen with this intensity the position we would be landing could be similar to this mentioned below.

Environmental Scenarios

As we all know that in winter the surrounding is Foggy. Imagine this fog is there every day. Be it day or night, and summer or winter. The image is quite clear. And we certainly know that human is adaptable to everything. Taking the instances of human evolution in terms of necessities. So it is quite assumed that the market will not stop. There will be gadgets specially made for the sole purpose of Breathing. And then think how much more waste will be there when all of this plastic is produced without knowing how to decompose it. So a short plot of few characters just to have a feel of what it will look like. Continuing…

Mike getting ready to go for work. And after getting ready he was about to leave and here his mother calls him and says “while going Also visit the Air Department of the city to recharge the oxygen supply of the house. He says yes and leaves. But he Forgets one thing and rushes back to his room. And after searching he finds his Mask which covers his full face as its fog outside. And takes out the battery from his bag and plugging it in and the machine starts. the mask ignites and a screen is switched on. From where one could see through the fog. Yes, according to the market and its growth it could be possible to see these kinds of changes in technology. Once again some companies will be caught for stealing the data of the users. God knows what could be the possibilities but many things are going to change If things happen with this consistency In a coming couple of decades.

These are just our thoughts being concerned about it. But there are 4 more environmental scenarios to be continued with in the next coming parts of it. Hope you will understand the need of the hour. Let’s just be cautious and do the needful.

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