Peeping The Moon: 21 Nights

peeping the moon: 21 nights

Peeping The Moon: 21 Nights is the sequel of the story PTM: Lightning And Thunder. Welcome aboard mates to your own spot for flicks of fantasies. Yet again with an astonishing love story with a twist of fantasy and thriller. It’s your host SuyalWanish again with the pleasure being mine. SO just a recap with the prequel Manav after getting an off location project. Is in his journey in the middle of nowhere he encounters some men. Those are terrorists and have captured him and his team. So without further ado let’s start.

Let's Start

Isn’t it a bit of a coincidence. after all who am I to say but yet another host? further…

Manav and his team were kept in tin sheds where they were only kept during the nights. Rest of the day they were interrogated. But when everybody used to sleep. In Manav’s shed, there was a hole in that tin shed. from where he could see the moon. And every day at 10 pm in the night he used to wait for the moon to align in such a way that he could see it just for half an hour. while watching the moon he used to think of Shreya. And the story on the next end where Shreya was also watching the moon and waiting for a call from him. And to the coincidence or the writer’s mood every night Shreya also used to come on the roof at exactly 10 pm as the timing of the moon appearing above them was the same. Now that some physics BS. But who am I to say anything, yes just a host. Moving…

Peeping The Moon: 21 Nights

now after when every day they were interrogated but after 12 days of all this BS. The leader of those terrorist orders to kill them five. And two of the terrorist went to the sheds, and took them out and took them in the back of the camp and while one of them was aiming his gun on Manav’s head the other one said ” Stop! let’s have some fun with them” and he opens all the five and says to them that ” run for your life into the forests and who got down is dead and who survives will be awarded his life. And shoots a free fire in the sky and orders them to run.

Peeping The Moon: 21 Nights

Complicated isn’t it but what to say. It’s the writer, not me, hell I am just hosting. Forward…

Peeping The Moon: 21 Nights: All five of them start to run and here goes the first fire and one is down. cracking of shotgun reload. Bham!! next shot another one is down. Again shotgun cracking sound. and third shot but misses. the next terrorist takes out his rifle and wham! third one down. now there are just two of the Five are remaining and one of them is Manav. Fourth shot and down.. no wait it just crossed and touched Manav and he falls. and the fifth one ran into the woods. Manav stands up and runs faster than he ever has run. And also vanished in the woods. The terrorists started constant firing till they last were in their sight and the two terrorists went behind them in the woods and now this S**T is good, but i am just a host. Anyway not mind me interrupting in between but what can i do i am just a host. Further…

To be continued

Now there is a twist in the story Manav is out in the middle of nowhere with two terrorists on his tail to hunt him down. After a lot of running Manav finds a river and followed in the direction of the river’s current. SO that it could lead him to a nearby village or town. Now, these 21 days when he was in the woods struggling to survive. With Shreya and the vows, they took in his mind. So that’s all for today. This me signing off your host SuyalWanish.

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