Peeping The Moon: Lightning And Thunder

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Peeping the moon is not an out-of-the-box story but it’s a story where a couple just waited to see each other just by watching the moon from their respected places as one was at home. Others in the preys of the enemy. Just a single promise that they made to each other and kept. So without further ado let’s start the story with your host SuyalWanish.

let's start

Love stories are all about the promises made and kept until the end. Which makes it best to be wanting the happiness of the Significant other. And the same is the plot of our story but a little twists and turn to make it worth a try. A boy falls in love with a girl and all of that. That we see in all the stories. Yet we read it. Now starting with any love story that you want and then resuming it afterward. “Manav” the boy who falls in love with “Shreya” and they were living happily after settling down after closing the chapter of series of dating. To finally start the new chapter of life together. They had that fire for each other. Then one day Manav got an event project in the borderline area. Where the tension was at a hype. As both countries were rivals. He went there and before going there. The night he was supposed to go. They sat together as they were going to be separated for a long time. They went out for dinner and wanted to have quality time just to fun. After having their they were returning home. Here are some love dialogues which we will skip to come to the important part where Shreya asked Manav I wanted to get married before you go. So to that Manav said that we need not do marriage to be together. If you want it that much we can take vows. But be careful about those things you can’t keep. She says if you can make a single vow. Then wait for me and I will wait for you. No matter where, when, why. Promise me you will wait. And he says you see that moon (pointing from the car). Just look at it and imagine me and I will try to find you in it. They reached the home and then Manav left for the borderline area. I already said this is good in the beginning but who am I to say anything I am just a host. Finally moving on…

Peeping The  Moon

Peeping the moon: He reaches in the morning the next day. And lodged a hotel until he meets the team. Late afternoon they all met and distributed their activity in locations. Now we can say fault in stars or whatever but I am just a host. Further continuing…

Peeping The Moon

The Location which was the nearest to the borderline was given to him. But he can’t say anything it the management call. So he takes the required people and heads towards the decided location. They hired a self-driven taxi. and put the location on the map. They were traveling the whole night and coincidently just before 21 km before the decided location the road ended and the best way was through the foot. For which they hired the mules to travel the rest of the distance. But after coming to a lot farther they got lost. Yes, I know this time it is a cliché plot but I am to say I am just a host. Further…

To be continued

Peeping the moon: After getting lost in the middle of nowhere they were attacked by some men. Manav and his team were having no guns and ammunition. They suspected them to be spies. The men took all of them to the camp where they were living. And kept them naked in separate tin bunkers. And after all the hassle the head of those men called for Manav and then he got to know they were held by the terrorists. So guys this has come for the end of the first chapter of this e-series of Flick: Peeping the moon. It’s your host SuyalWanish signing off.

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