Cartoon Characters: A whole new different approach to the graphics world

Cartoon Characters

Cartoon characters and kids have a special bond with each other. Over a period of time, they have learned a lot from each other. The types of cartoons have seen variation nowadays they are working according to the mindset of a new generation of kids. They have indulged in watching cartoons and anime so much. According to the followership of the Anime, not just kids but adults also enjoy watching. Post-2000’s there have been noticed, immense growth in these kinds of Graphic characters. People feel what the anime is trying to convey and have made a great bond with these kinds of representations. These characters are the new trend that hyped in the early 2000s.

The Craze amongst people is so par the level that they even try to live in those moments by dressing and behaving like them putting a solid impression on their psychological well being that it makes a small shadow of what it seems to be the things you do intentionally but it puts a negative impact on your image of who you are in the mirror. As the mirror reflects your exact image but without feeling how it is to be there. which is your psychological state when your subconscious mind is active but your conscious part does all the work. The subconscious mind is the basic relation between you and your surroundings and nature.

Best part is not this. For more continue further…..

This is some psych thing I read on a website. Continuing further that this could lead to brain problems as you live a dual-sided life. And if more than 4/5 hours of imitating of the other Character beside of your usual you. It could lead to psych issues. Making your old age worse for you. As it is the only part of your life when you are not working and doing a self talk most of the time.

Leading to Sleep deprivation, loosen motor(neural) control, and many more issues that can relate to the brain gene mutation which can be the reason for passing on the diseases to your generations. As these are the hereditary characters to pass on.

Cartoon Characters: Moving on some of the below-mentioned characters are the few who are the best in their category.

Monkey D. Luffy-One Piece

Cartoon Characters

We all know we want heros and saviours in everybody’s life.

Naruto Uzamaki-Naruto

Cartoon Characters

Some of the best, creations which have a long list of fans worldwide.

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