Dhoni And CSK: The Road they traveled together

Dhoni And Csk

Dhoni And CSK: Chennai Super Kings captain (CSK) MS Dhoni, prominently known as ‘Thala’ (Meaning-Boss) by the stalwart of the establishment has been one of the flagbearers of the world’s greatest cricket class the Indian Premier group.

Much like the competition itself, MS Dhoni since the commencement of the group has been a supernatural figure for the establishment. In the wake of being purchased as the most generously compensated part in the debut version, MS Dhoni has guided the establishment to 3 IPL title-the most won by any captain.

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Dhoni And CSK: A Glimpse

Throughout the long term, MS Dhoni has built up himself as one the best finishers in the alliance separated from being an appealing pioneer who can perfectly marshall his players. In this article, we look at 5 realities that make MS Dhoni the numero uno captain in IPL.

1. Most generously compensated worker – 137.8 Cr

CSK captain MS Dhoni, who is proclaimed as the ‘Captain Cool’ is the most noteworthy gaining IPL player. MS Dhoni has earned a sum of ₹ 137.8 crores in compensations for more than 13 years in his IPL venture. Ms. Dhoni played for Chennai Super Kings for 11 seasons. In the 2016 season and 2017 season, Dhoni has played for Rising Pune Super Giants when the Chennai franchisee alongside Rajasthan Royals was in their 2-year suspension term.

Dhoni And CSK

MS Dhoni is currently back with the yellow armed force. CSK held him for ₹15 crores for IPL 2020 season. The star manager batsmen ebb and flow season compensation saw a climb of 150% from the debut version when he was paid ₹6 crores.

2. Most last played by Captain-Dhoni played 8 Finals out of 12

Mahendra Singh Dhoni is the player with the experience of most last games in the IPL. He has played nine of the 12 IPL finals up until now and during this time he has additionally won the IPL multiple times. Dhoni has played in 8 finals for Chennai Super Kings. Simultaneously, he has additionally played a last for the Rising Pune Supergiant’s.

Dhoni And CSK

Out of the eight finals played for Chennai Super Kings, he has won three of them. Simultaneously, he was unable to win the last that he played for Pune Supergiants. For this situation, after Dhoni, Suresh Raina snatches the subsequent spot, who has played eight last matches in IPL.

3. Just chief to have effectively shielded the IPL trophy

The vast majority of his prosperity as chief sought his subsequent home – Chennai. Despite being an extraordinary himself, he treats each player similarly and with deference. CSK has an extraordinary domain in the changing area which encourages them to conquer predicament.

The chief is the pioneer in building this kinship among players. This was clear in the 2010 season when they were at the base of the table during mid-season. The players trusted in the chief and he conveyed the title for them.


CSK went to win the IPL trophy again in 2011. By winning IPL-4, Dhoni turned into the primary commander to effectively protect the IPL and remains the main captain to do as such yet.

4. Just Captain to lift the IPL title at home

Aside from in 2017, the 38-year-old has been the chief of each IPL side he has played in (Steve Smith captained Rising Pune Super Giants that year). Numerous players have communicated their preference for playing under him. Indeed, even worldwide chiefs like Dwayne Bravo, Faf du Plessis, and Brendon McCullum cherished playing under his initiative.

Virat and Dhoni

Youths consider it to be a bonanza to have him as their skipper. He causes them to feel at home – an idea which has profited CSK greatly. Chennai flourishes playing at home and in the 2011 season, they dominated each game they played at their home ground. It incorporates the IPL last against Royal Challengers Bangalore.

Till now, Dhoni is the main commander to have won the IPL at their home ground. Any semblance of Sachin Tendulkar and Virat Kohli have botched that chance in 2010 and 2016 individually.

5. Most Games Won as an IPL Captain

As a chief, Mahendra Singh Dhoni has won the most matches in IPL history. He has won an aggregate of 104 matches as chief in the IPL. He has so far dominated 99 matches for Chennai Super Kings under his captaincy.

Simultaneously, he has likewise won five matches under his captaincy for the time being outdated Rising Pune Supergiant’s.

Thusly, he is the chief to win the most matches to his group in the IPL. He has likewise made CSK win the IPL title threefold since he took over as the chief.

By Mansi Sharma

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