The New AI: Robots Are Not The New Trend It’s The Humans

The New AI

The New AI is all about robots and Talking back. But there has been a slight new change in the recent finding. It says Mr. Musk and His team of researchers have been on working chips for boosting the Mental Healthcare of the humans. there has been a trial done on a pig. It was done by inserting a chip in the brain of the pig and monitor it for some time. That will increase the mental immunity making him prone to some diseases. While this study is also said to be workable on the humans if done good research. There could be possibilities where a human could be benefitted from the foundings. This has led to a vast number of possibilities that could be the next age to be like. Some of the possibilities that seem to be trending will be as followed.

The New AI

The New AI In New Age

While the brain is the most complex part of human beings and has never discovered fully but the current scenario showcases the new coming trends in the science in terms of The New AI, human beings, and its usage. Some of the possibilities that could exist are as followed.

Increases In the mental immunity

A whole new to be introduced in the healthcare industry as there will be an immense rise in the demands of immunity medicine and this could be the next level phase of human evolution. It is by far the most needed improvement in the medical industry. This could even help in preventing other diseases also. Such as heart and brain disorders like depression and heart attacks and many more. But for that, they have to make possible changes to that. Much of it is about discovering the brain with limitless technology. Moreover our next-gen will adapt whatever is there for them just as we have survived till now. But this doesn’t mean we have to harm earth just try to be careful.

The New AI

The Controlled mechanism

You must be thinking I would say that in near future you would be able to control your Laptops and other tech gadgets just with your brain. Then yes you were right, It could be the next big thing in the market. Work will be more advanced than what we are doing now.

The New AI

Less Use Of gadgets

Gadgets will be out of trends as there is chance if the same company comes with the a device which could manage and monitor the brain and its activities.

More opportunities

This could be the opening for educational stream devoted specially for it. making enough job opportunities in this category.

The New AI

This research could end up with a lot of new possibilities for humans and their evolution. But it will take time as it is yet to be made but there is research going on it so we can not say much but as we all know it is there are enormous set of possibilities.

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