The Mad Scientist And The leadership

The Mad Scientist

The Mad Scientist and the leadership are our latest flick which is surely gonna have two thoughts while reading it. But it is totally a fiction and no resemblance to any living or dead. Further starting the story of a boy who turns out a frustrated scientist and a mad one too. A boy who was left on the streets by his fate.

His parents died and were sent to an orphanage where he was adopted 3 times and was sent back to the same orphanage till then he had graduated and all those of shifting and coming back he grew to be shady and more into outer space as he used to see the stars and the books he read made him curious and crazy child and imagine what could have he done if he went mad over achieving it. Let’s start this was for the intro and the rest of the story continues from here.

The Mad Scientist

The Mad Scientist: New York is a land of opportunities but a place where mishappenings also take place. Not everybody gets the opportunity and some get the worst of it. Here it is a story of a boy whose name is charlie who was used to live in an orphanage where was sent right after he was born. As his parents died when he was one. he was always a problem child in the orphanage.

he and his friend Alan used to be the most notorious kids as they used to bunk the orphanage and often used to go the library making chaos in the orphanage as when the take carers used to search for them they used to be missing. And That late-night while returning they met a man in the streets who talked and signed them in for a science group. Where they could question and raise the standards of logical thinking and experimenting. They got overwhelmed but Charlie was adopted a few days and still used to come back to the same library where the group used to meet in the back of the library in a room.

and this was the reason why his parents send him back to the orphanage because he was totally misbehaving with them late night outs behaving strangely. The alan was not there when he returned and felt more disheartening. He devoted to the science group more where he could alan and they would explore the science the way it is limitless and beyond.

The Mad Scientist: With the constant ongoing of their devotion towards science, they got selected for the best institute of the world as it is fiction so I ain’t gonna tell you. Continuing further For charlie’s exceptional studies he was sent to a foster home again where he again was sent back. Because of his strange behavior. By this time he was 18 and had made his own science lab in the basement of the orphanage where he used experimented. He had made his own rocket shuttle and was somewhere successful as it was the winner of the competition he took.

And made him a fortune of 2 million dollars. He did not stop there and his friend alan was into biotech he too was doing wonders. Later a family one of the billionaires of there adopted keeping in mind that they exceptional boys should get the best of the education. And this time they were mature enough and the father offered them work in order to change the whole world with their money and intelligence where he decided the boys to do one work of hybridizing the human and sending it to in the exploration of the universe. As the earth is gonna overpopulated and it will destroy the mechanism of the earth. And a unbalance in the food chain. which could be dangerous to our race. So they were upon the work where they first thought for a strategy.

The Mad Scientist

The Mad Scientist: A Strategy where was a need for mass human trials. As had come up with some solution which was Taming the brain of humans as everything is based on the human brain if it gets evolved early it could change the build of humans by modifying their brain to survive on any place on the universe. this was the work of Alan and Charlie made a research organization where he tested on more advanced tech for going out of the atmosphere. With many people on board the ship to the nearby planets to develop those planets. But one problem that they were facing was that they could not do the mass trial. So after a lot of thinking when they visited their father for this problem. He then introduced with all the representatives of all the nations where one of southern Asia’s countries one representative said that they could come out with a solution which will be effective and everybody asked what could be possible as this cant be done.

The Mad Scientist

The representative said that we could make a disease so that every human in the world would have to take this energy serum which will they have to take if we tell them so and this could make this society effort good for us. But people will die, a lot of people will die said alan but we have to do it said charlie and the representative aborted this plan but some of them agreed and went for this step by choosing a country which could start the virus and lead to this the 90 percent of the countries were unaware of this virus to come and harm of the people.

The Mad Scientist

But this virus was being made by the scientists of the which offered the solution to the issue they were on the process one of the scientists went rough. and leaked the news of the such a virus in the media causing a problem to that country and the time they could have managed with the scientist they had to reschedule it and do it before as planned which made a human disaster which was not getting over till the Charlie made the serum that could enhance the human being. This went for some time as everything happened a bit early and unplanned and they finally made it and was sold to a pharmaceutical company to sell it in the markets necessary for each and every individual.

The Mad Scientist: Making it to the one step closer to the whole campaigns but many nations opposed this. ANd there was a war, a cold war as everybody knew, and was not able to do anything. as it will reveal this whole conspiracy and the world could go upside down as if the people will get to know there will be a massacre. People against the nation and this nobody wanted and let it go as everybody was helpless. soon the serum was made which could evolve the whole human race. In other terms evolution but before the time of nature. the trials started and they gave results.

The Mad Scientist

Humans were evolving some people were used for the research and the symptoms carried durability against all the diseases. Ability to convert the carbon-di-oxide into oxygen with inside the bodies. And a higher chance of surviving in all kinds of atmosphere. when this was done their next target was to make space travel easy and effective with many passengers. but this was to take time until for then keep pondering what could have happened till then goodbye rest will continue in the next part.

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